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Ce premier décembre 2011, les Jeudis du Libre de Bruxelles sont
accueillis pour la première fois par le Betagroup Coworking et l'ICAB
et reçoivent Ludovic Hirlimann pour la seconde fois de la saison.

Au mois de septembre, Ludovic avait présenté le fontionnement général
de la messagerie électronique et les moyens de la sécuriser. Ce
mois-ci, il revient pour une présentation plus pratique de la mise en
oeuvre des moyens présentés lors de la première séance: Thunderbird, ce
qui arrive et pourquoi ça arrive, la mise en oeuvre de certificats SSL
avec CAcert, et de clés numériques avec GnuPG.

*Le thème de cette séance :*


Thunderbird, ce qui arrive et pourquoi ça arrive.

Atelier pratiques:

Devenir assureur CAcert.
Échanger des signatures de clés GnuPG.

L'animateur conférencier :

Ludovic Hirlimann (Mozilla).

*** Attention nouveau lieu! ***

Betagroup Coworking,

4 rue des pères blancs,
1040 Bruxelles.

Arrêt Arsenal. Tram 7, 25; Bus 34.

Merci au Betagroup Coworking et à l'ICAB.


Date : 01/12/2011

Accueil : 18:30

Début de la présentation: 19:00

Fin de la présentation et des ateliers : 21:00

Après 21:00: diner dans le quartier.

Pour participer à la session

Merci de vous inscrire:

Pour participer à la session CAcert:

  1. Avoir un compte sur et en lire la documentation.
  2. Imprimer des Cap forms (sous cap forms) et venir avec ces Capforms et des papiers d'identités.
  3. Ensuite on crée une queue en face des assureurs.
  4. Chaque assureur regarde remplie une Cap form (cf cap-5.pdf) et la garde.
  5. En rentrant les assureurs donnes des points.
  6. Plus on a de point plus les certificats que l'on peut obtenir sont forts et valides.

Pour participer à la session GnuPG :

  1. Installer GnuPG .
  2. Créer une paire de clefs.
  3. Uploader sa clef sur un serveur de clefs.
  4. Envoyer le fingerprint de sa clé à Ludovic avant 12:00 le 1er décembre: .

ça y est c'est officiel et c'est testé !

Le fournisseur d'accès à Internet Free, vient de déployer une infrastructure de mail sécurisé. Les protocoles, smtp, imap et pop sont donc disponible via ssl (toutes les données sont encryptées).

Je recommande vivement à tous les utilisateurs de Free de changer leur paramètres afin de protéger leurs emails - c'est expliqué pour Thunderbird dans cet excellent article sur geckozone. Il faut noter que l'utilisation de smtp sécurisé nécessite une activation au préalable via le site web de free. J'encourage tous le monde à la faire car avec smtp sécurisé vous pourrez envoyer vos émails même lorsque vous n'êtes pas connecter à internet via le réseau de Free.

Elles auront lieu cette année dans ma bonne ville de Strasbourg (putain que je suis prétentieux). Le programme complet est disponible sur le site des rencontres. Elles commencent demain !! Je recommande particulièrement le stand mozilla :D

Cette semaine je me suis retrouvé invité à Bruxelles afin de participer au jeudi du libre. Benoît de frenchmozilla y présentait les nouvelles fonctionalitées de Firefox 4. Je suis arrivé une dizaine de minutes avant que cela ne commence, cela m'a permis de goûter à une boisson gazeuse bien unique, le Ubuntu cola.

Ubuntu cola

La présentation a été d'une très bonne qualité et nous avons eu un bon fou rire quand Benoit s'est rendu compte que sa machine n'avait plus accès en réseau. En effet celui-ci voulais chercher "roi des belges" dans google et le résultat affiché était un excellent 404 !! L'audience bien que petite était très attentive et assez intéressée. J'ai passé une bonne soirée. Dommage que le dernier train parte si tôt.
Enfin petite anecdote - les chiens chauds sont servis avec de la choucroute à Bruxelles.

Je me suis engagé à faire deux présentations, l'une sur Thunderbird et l'autre sur les méthodes disponibles pour signer et chiffrer les emails.

Make your mobile spark

<a href="">Tekzilla - Firefox: Safe Mode</a>

Like me you are probably very annoyed when the application that you are using crashes. This usually means loosing work, or loosing data. When this happens, the system or the application usually launches a crash reporter - this will gather information and send it to the developers. With that developers will be able to try to figure out what is going wrong, or how you are using the application in a way that they don't.
But some time they can't figure it out for a lot of reasons. One thing you as a user can do to improve that is write a small comment before sending the bug report. That little comment should say what you where doing when the crash occurred. For you filling in that little box and telling us what happens is maybe 30 seconds , for us in qa, for the developers it can be a very good indication on how to reproduce the bug and thus fix it.

So next time your application crashes take the time to fill in a comment before sending the crash report.

Like last year and the year before I'll be attending the Open Community Camp that is organized near Leiden, The Netherlands.
This year however I will be speaking about what is and provides , it's missions etc .....
If you are involved with Thunderbird (Mvl, MacMel, ...), I'd love to have a beer face to face with you guys, I think the Camp is a great place to meet you. What do you think.

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Seven Things:

1. I use to grow cristals - I loved the blue one, that I made from Iron sulfate.
2. I wanted to be archeo-chimist when I was younger, making history and chemistry (which I loved at that time) into my work.
3. I started doing more computer stuff on My apple II e for making Character sheets for Reve de Dragon - a very good RPG.
4. I regret not staying at islandsbanki in 1998 when I was offered to.
5. I've started photography two years ago - trying not to end up like my grandpa, who takes way too many pictures and then does a montage with sound , while reading "guide bleu"
6. I made a very crappy comics strip when younger - whish i never did it.
7. I owned pigs in Madacasagar - using the


* Allan : Great Hacker and Project lead.
* Alex : Being a great Hacker too
* Max : for using SVG.
* Hub : For standing for his ideas - even if I don't stand with all of them
* Wolfgang : For being the great build engineer he is and passionate by everything he starts.
* Danbri : for being so knowledgeable and spread this meme
* Simon : for being what he is.

Html composer project


Nvu/Kompozer now has a successor, the name is bluegriffon or so it seems. Some source code is available, so those of you who know how to build mozilla should be able to try it.



Continuing looking at the code which Chrome is built upon, I had a look at V8 the javascript engine that compiles js code to native code.
In particular at cpu-ia32.{h|cc} and cpu-arm.{h|cc}. So the good news here is that v8 is available for ARM on top of x86. It seems that adding PowerPC support is doable. I was looking for a cool project to work on during my free time as I have not been involved in computer stuff outside my work for quite a while now. Just unsure I have the time required to do that. I'm quite puzzled by the lack of ia-64 support too.

Chrome and 404's


So yesterday I bitched about the fact that Chrome, replaced 404 pages with a input box that would let user perform google searches. I did not like the idea , that 404 where replaced by a search box.
Today I downloaded the source of Chrome and had a look inside and found this interesting comment :

// When the frame request first 404's, chrome may replace it with the alternate
// 404 page's contents. It does this using substitute data in the document
// loader, so the original response and url of the request can be preserved.
// We need to avoid replacing the current page, if it has already been
// replaced (otherwise could loop on setting alt-404 page!)
bool is_substitute_data = loader->substituteData().isValid();

// If it's a 404 page, we wait until we get 512 bytes of data before trying
// to load the document. This allows us to put up an alternate 404 page if
// there's short text.

in around line 252.

This simply means that if you want to keep your 404 pages they need to be 513 byte in length. If they are 513 Chrome considers that the page contains interesting bits of information for the user and does not replace it with a google crafted page.



So like many people yesterday I've been amused by the announce of Google's chrome browser. I like the way it was done - the comic is a very good idea !!!
Reading the comic was great fun - and very informative - especially on their QA process - each build is tested against the cache content that google maintains, bug can then be ranked based on google's rank page algorithm
I was disappointed that it's win32 only for now, but since mike blogged about the fact he was working on it, I'm reassured. I just hope we will see a PowerPC version - but I'm not holding my breath there. It seems that most of the ex-netscaper working @ google are working on this project. A few things are annoying - like certificate handling - which prevent me to use it for work stuff. Anyhow it's good to see something borrowing one of BeOS concepts of one thread per window and changing it to one process per tab, in beos all applications were snappy because of that. I'm pretty sure that on the long run Chrome is going to rock.

There is one thing I don't like. It's that it transforms 404 into google search pages :-( That is bad I think.

So the last afternoon @ fosdem 2008 I ended up listening to a very informative talk on autoconf, automake and libtools. The argument was that they were the tools of the trade - and that it wasn't so complex. The rest was more a walk through and at the end I was not really convinced that those tools where not easy nor complex to use properly. The reason I ended up in this meeting was that the presentation on making robots with 8 bits controllers and linux was so crowed that there was a waiting line in front of the room.
Then I went back to the mozilla room to hear the plans that mozilla had for bringing a browser on mobile devices. The talk draw lots of attention and the room got more people. Max jumped on his chair when the speaker evoked the idea or removing Mathml from the mobile version of the browser.
Once again fosdem was very nice and I'll probably attend next year.

10 years of Mozilla


Yesterday evening Instead of the "traditional" mozilla diner we have each year @ Fosdem, we ended up celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the Netscape release fo their browser source code. So the mozilla project father of Firefox, Thunderbird, Sundbird, Bugzilla, Camino and a few others has been in businness for 10 years. Wahoo time flies as I remember the announce an thinking to myself that it would not matter much. I also thought that the project was doomed when a few months later they announced the complete rewrite.
Then Beos, my pet project at the time, had a very bad browser named NetPositive, and Be Inc, started working on porting the new mozilla code base to the OS. I could not run beos at that time but as mozilla was cross patform I started reporting bugs . So nice party yesterday at a nice bowling in the center of Brussels, Happy birthday mozilla.

Sitting in the OpenSuse room now listening to a talk on how to package for that version of Linux - the guy talking has a strong german accent, changes from the french one :-).
I've been sitting in the mozilla room for most of the day - the room was smaller than the previous years and that was a pitty because attendance was much higher. It's nice to see people that I have not seen since last year, it's like friend with a common passion - that is what empowers free software communities. The room was so hot that someone came up with a nice joke on the blackboard "" :-)
The talked started by a state of the mozilla community and software distribution, with nice numbers (53% of downloads are english ones), and information on how firefox beta 3 was used (a very nice graph) and what the plans for the near future might be.

So we had two very nice presentations on the calendar project behind hosted by mozilla, with many questions and usual answer : we need more developing man power. Gave a nice idea of the state of the products and the dev team.

Previous to that Dan Mills talked about weave a project hosted on Weave is about sharing profiles, personal information and bookmarks. I like the idea - and the concept they are working on, it's a bit like having and other services mashed up together but with privacy options. At the end two technologies were pointed to Dan Mills, one is p3p and the other one is foaf.

The next session was on Thunderbird and what should happen this year in terms of releases and staffing for the newly announced mozilla-messaging corporation. Very nice and very interesting especially if we get Sundbird integration by the end of the year.

Firefox 3.0b2


I've just installed the latest beta of Firefox because my friend daniel said it rocked on the mac and that he was thinking about not using Safari anymore.
The firts launch is amazingly fast, the windows just pop up, that is very impressive. I like that a lot. It also seems that Firefox is way more responsive on my G5 iMac than the previous 2.0 series. I like the new cocoa dropdown list and the look and feel - looks a lot like Camino :-). I tend to access a few sites with certificates+ssl authentification, and one of the server I go to daily as an expired cert. In 2.0 a alert would pop up and I would just hit enter to access the site. In 3.0b it'a a complete different story, the page does not load and Firefox quives you kind of a 404 page on which you can decide to make an execption or not. I think those "security" changes are very good because they really force the user to acknowledge that there is a security issue.
Things I don't like is firts the fact that non of the extensions I use daily (spell checking ), and a few others are not compatible with the Beta releases. Making the whole experience of testing the beta release a less enjoyable experience. I don't like the new url bar history - it's too big makes it difficult for me to use the down arrow to select the site i want to use. And the biggest bad point is I was unable to access the new Yahoo! mail, I either need to use another browser to access it or to return to the old interface of yahoo mail.

I've been kindly asked by email to share my views on Open letter to the Thunderbird community, and I will comment on the tb issue as a whole.
First of all I would like to thanks David and Scott for making tb, I wish them luck for whatever they are going to be working on in the near future. I started using tb in around 0.6 because at that time Apple's was not really happy when exchanging some file formats with other users (and in particular with something called Lotus Notes). I've used it ever since on my home machine and at work with the latest job I got. I remember why tb was created back in the early days of Firefox, basically because one big administration company contacted mozilla when mozilla decided to drop the suite and that company/administration wanted a replacement for email, hence was born Minautor. Ever since it's birth the project never got main stream attention while Ff was getting all the lights. In the last year getting TB releases as been something tedious, and at last fosdem a few of us where saddened by the situation. Things got worst when API where rewritten with only Ff in focus breaking tb, as I will try not to argue when it comes to camino for API breakage, I tend to disagree for tb as it's a supported product from MoFo. Now I was thrilled by the MailCo announce, meaning that tb would get the proper work force for some low level issues to get fix (UI is pretty stable and as been worked on for a long time, but some low level issues and code have not been touch in year). I'm now sad because the main devs, those who know how the product works are leaving, meaning that the team that is going to take over will have a hard time catching up on all those internal things - Which means that tb development will get a slowdown in the next few month - for that I am very sad.
So comming back to the letter, I whish we learn why the guys where leaving, I whish we had some goals other than making tb suck less expressed in public on the future of tb. And a nice milestone planning would have been a very good thing (and I would have expected a planning without dates).

I've just listened to Mike's interview at the Mozilla digital bank. He talks about the release of Netscape's code in 1998, and then goes on the errors of netscape 6.0, what the community does, and how it works. Talks about Camino's relation with MoFo/MoCo. A very interesting interview, take the time to listen.

Thank you


samuel sidler
samuel sidler,
originally uploaded by lhirlimann.
Sam for making the Camino f2f meeting happen. I've uploaded a few pictures of that event.

I'm currently visiting Mozilla's Office in Mountain View - meeting the QA and release engineering teams. It's like a Dream come true - I started using mozilla in 1999, on linux. The idea was to report bugs on linux so that the BeOS port would become a reality (I really could not use beos at work). I then got more involved in 2003 to make sure Camino would not die - that involment got me my current job and gave me the opportunity to meet some of the mozillian. And it's very nice to here people you highly consider say that the product you work on daily is great.

and I think it's bad for the Mac ecosystem - but since apple, is not Apple computers anymore, it might not be an issue with them anymore. So why do I think Apple is bad with numbers ? Well it's because it's very difficult for ISV to figure out, how the apple ecosystem is, and those figures and numbers are important for the product management process. So what numbers should apple give to at least it's developers :

  • Intel-PowerPC ratio

  • OS repartition, from update dowloads

  • OS support roadmap with clear end-of-support dates

Both of those last numbers are almost always available from vendors be they microsoft, be they Linux vendors. But Apple does not give any numbers. And I don't even want real numbers I would be satisfied with a pie chart saying 10% of Apple users still run Mac OS X 10.1.5. The same goes for the Intel/PPC ratio.
The support roadmap is just a matter of publishing internal decision - But I really believe this would help product management discussion like this one.
As for the numbers that can be gathered for instance on the AdiumX users base, I believe these are biased. I believe normal end ussers use iChat and not Adium - so to me Adium's numbers represent some of the geek space in Apple's users but not the majority who uses the tools provided by Apple. Apple please do something to make your ISV's life easier - it benefits the mac ecosystem - meaning you are the main benefactor of it.

Firefox spam :-(


Today I've received a strange email :

From - Wed May 23 03:38:55 2007
X-Mozilla-Status: 0001
X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000
Received: from localhost (localhost.localdomain [])
by (Postfix) with ESMTP id 6CCBB3268564
for ; Wed, 23 May 2007 03:38:54 +0200 (CEST)
X-Virus-Scanned: amavisd-new at
X-Spam-Score: 2.605
X-Spam-Level: **
X-Spam-Status: No, score=2.605 tagged_above=-10 required=6.6
tests=[BAYES_00=-2.599, HTML_IMAGE_ONLY_16=0.497, HTML_MESSAGE=0.001,
Received: from ([])
by localhost ( []) (amavisd-new, port 10024)
with ESMTP id 7rxxf9Y88GGD for ;
Wed, 23 May 2007 03:38:54 +0200 (CEST)
Received: from ( [])
by (Postfix) with ESMTP id B5F543268439
for ; Wed, 23 May 2007 03:38:53 +0200 (CEST)
Received: (qmail 11323 invoked by uid 89); 23 May 2007 01:38:53 -0000
Mailing-List: contact; run by ezmlm
Precedence: bulk
X-No-Archive: yes
Received: (qmail 11308 invoked by uid 0); 23 May 2007 01:38:53 -0000
X-Qmail-Scanner-Mail-From: via
X-Qmail-Scanner: 1.25 (Clear:RC:0( Processed in 4.349745 secs)
X-Virus-Scanned: amavisd-new at
X-Qmail-Scanner-MOVED-X-Spam-Status: No, score=5.428 tagged_above=-10 required=6.6
tests=[AWL=-2.283, BAYES_50=0.001, HTML_IMAGE_ONLY_16=0.497,
From: Firfox Product
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/html
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 02:38:17 +0100
X-AntiAbuse: This header was added to track abuse, please include it with any abuse report
X-AntiAbuse: Primary Hostname -
X-AntiAbuse: Original Domain -
X-AntiAbuse: Originator/Caller UID/GID - [32331 32002] / [47 12]
X-AntiAbuse: Sender Address Domain -
X-Source: /usr/bin/php
X-Source-Args: /usr/bin/php index.php
Subject: [QA] New FireFox 2008

Download The Firefox Now & Surf faster and smarter!

The innovative Firefox browser
makes surfing the web faster and safer. With the included Google Toolbar, features like AutoFill and SpellCheckwill make browsing more convenient.

Together, they'll change the way you use the Internet - for free.


Which links to , Where there is a simple page on which you have two download links : which is suspended. I wonder what was there.

Where is the money in this scheme ?

Caminol10n moves


to, we will keep the mailing list and its archives on mozdev at the moment.

Fosdem photos for 2007


My fosdem photos are now avalaible here.

- 85+ Million users
- FF 40+ languages
- every localization is based on voluntary effort
- 55% uses en-US, then German, French (download for the stats gathering)
- 16% market share
- less than 100 employee
- History of the project

- more features to defend users against phishing and other social security threats

- lots of interesting stats on downloads, 500k download per day at the moment and other stats.

- local mirror for cvs/svn installed in Amsterdam for people in europe - it's an automatic thing. no need to configure thing for the developers.


Joost™ on the Mac


We've just released Joost 0.8. The good news is that now there is a Mac version. It has a bit more bugs than the windows version - but it's here, we are working hard on finding these and fixing them. It's Intel only. The other very good news is that we now have a National Geographic channel which is part of a batch of new content.

I'll give a talk


at fosdem 2007, the subject will be QAing xulrunner based applications. I need to start writing it. I've decided That I woud'e use s5 from eric meyer, because it works and I used it last time I gave a talk.

So Fosdem is heating up.
I've been granted rights to edit - which I did update. I also plan to host some of the slides from the mozilla room. The planning of the mozilla room is getting there - There will be a presentation by the maintainer of enigmail - on making extensions for Thunderbird. FireBug will be presented, but not in the mozilla room.
I will probably renew my membership to the mozilla europe association.
I'll join the Keysigning Party in order to get my keys signed.
And this year I donated to fosdem via a bank transfert before the event starts - The other years I used to give money at the event - I figured out they might need some money before it , in order to be able to better organize it.


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I have a few Invites I'm willing to give away for Joost our TV over the internet product. Leave a comment here. And I'll send invites.
Updates : I don't have anymore invites.

Fosdem 2007


Fosdem 2007 is heating up.

More information on Fosdem 2007.
There will be a mozilla room

Fosdem is a nice place to get Face 2 face with other Open source people and other mozilla guys.

Previous Fosdem looked like

If you can make it you won't regret it.

This interview as been sitting on my HD since 2006-09-28. Sorry for the delay.

<_tsk_> Would you please introduce yourself ?
I'm Smokey Ardisson and I'm one of Camino's catch-all people. I currently live in Washington, DC, across the street from the Vice President of the US.
<_tsk_> How old are you ? what is your normal daily occupation besides Camino ?
I'm 29 years old and I've been a doctoral student in Middle Eastern and African History. I also moonlight doing various tasks for my family's businesses.
<_tsk_> Can you define your catch-all role ?
Officially, I'm the co-lead of the Bug Triage team and of the Website and Documentation team, so I filter through all the bug reports that come in each day, reproducing and prioritizing them, and I'm involved in stuff like writing the release notes and updating the Support section of the website.
In addition to that, I test patches, occasionally make patches, help maintain Camino's ad-blocking rule set, keep an eye on our Mac OS X 10.3 compatibility, answer questions on irc, and generally do whatever other little tasks come up and need attention.
<_tsk_> Is 10.3 important for you if so why ?
Well, I'm still running 10.3.9, partially because I typically skip every other major OS revision, and partially because Camino and other open source projects I work with needed someone to keep testing things on their lowest supported OS version. (Most bugs aren't specific to OS versions, but every once in a while you'll run across one, and it's very hard to decipher until you realize everyone who sees the problem is on one version of the OS.)"
<_tsk_> Good, so can you tell us what your Hardware/Software setup looks like ?
I've got a 17" Aluminum PowerBook G4, 1.33 GHz, from fall 2003. No upgrades to it other than I now have 1.5 GB of RAM.
<_tsk_> And what are the other projects you are working on ?
I'm mainly involved with NeoOffice, the Mac-native version of, and libwpd, which is the open source library for reading WordPerfect documents, but I've also submitted some small patches and a couple of bug reports for AbiWord as a result of my libwpd testing (NeoOffice,, AbiWord, KOffice, and a couple of commercial Mac apps all use libwpd for their WordPerfect and WordPerfect for Mac import filter).
<_tsk_> How long have you been a member of the Camino community ? why did you join ? was it difficult to become a "member" ?
I didn't have a Mac running Mac OS X until I got this PowerBook, so I'm relatively late to the game. I vaguely remember installing Camino after I got the PowerBook because I had heard so many good things about Chimera in the early days of Mac OS X (and had briefly played with whatever version of Chimera was current in spring 2002 on my brother's iMac), but I didn't use Camino much.
I started using Camino a bit in the summer of 2004 (0.8b), and when I got to play with test builds with the "new" tabs that fall, I started using Camino more. Shortly after the tabs landed in the nightly builds, I started using nightly builds and started filing bugs and hanging out in the forum.
In mid-2005 Samuel Sidler asked me officially to join the Camino team as co-lead of the bug triage team, and it went from there. I didn't actually show up on irc until December 2005. In spite of not being on irc, it was easy to join the team, but I've discovered it's easier to be more involved if you stop by irc at least a few times a week.
<_tsk_> How long have you been using Macs ? computers ?
I've been using Macs since the summer of 1993, when I first experienced them at a summer program (I took a mini-class on HyperCard!); we got our first Mac, a used SE/30, that fall. I really can't remember when I first actually *used* a computer, but I've been around them since I was very young; I remember my dad had a terminal at home and a modem where you actually put the phone headset into the modem, and I remember playing simple games on the VAX system at his office (which used reel tapes!).
<_tsk_> Anything you would like to add ?
One of the best things about working on open source software has been the international flavour, meeting and working together with people from all around the world. Open source software is a good thing for the world politically as well as socially and economically. And of course as Triage co-lead I must remind all the Camino users reading this to be good nightly build users: file bugs on problems you find and help make Camino even better ;)
<_tsk_> ok thanks you for your time
np; thanks for doing this series :)

A day for a gecko ?

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If you are following what is happening in the mozilla tree you are now aware that Grand Paradiso is out. Is this good are bad news for the users of Camino, Firefox or Thunderbird on Mac OS X. I would say it is more good news than bad ones.
It is good news because with the switch to cairo, we are moving away from Quickdraw. Quickdraw was the initial library for all graphics related stuff on the mac os and it was design in the beginning of the 80's and updated in the 90's. On Mac OS X the graphics got changed twice in the recent years, the first one was named quartz and the second one was named Core Image (nquartz in cairo land), cairo is able to use both - meaning that the GPU sitting on our graphics cards might be used in the future.
If you are not a gecko user, but still a mac user, you should also take the plunge and try out that build. Because Cairo will be used by other project than mozilla [that's one great reason for the switch], trying and reporting bugs in mozilla - might also mean you are reporting bugs against cairo.

The second good news is that at the Rendering engine layout has been simplified, redesigned and that the code is less complex, and should be easier to maintain - old bugs are getting fixed. Mozilla now passes the acid2 test.
What might be the bad news then ?
Well if you have a look at the people doing all those nice development, none of them develops on the Mac , they either use linux or windows. Meaning their most of their test where done on those platforms. And If you want to count the mozilla developers that are working on macs, I believe this can be counted on less than one hand. Meaning that testing for all these new features needs to happen outside - but we also need to make sure that all those bugs get reported, documented properly in bugzilla.
This can easily be done - download Grand Paradiso and use it for one day as you would use Camino or Firefox - report bugs you see.

So I've upgraded to Ff 2.0 when it came out - I was previously using the latest of the 1.5.x series.
I use Firefox daily to track bugs - follow builds - write documentation and follow what's going on in the Mozilla world, the rest of the world and the wii. I'm not to much of the type of person who takes hours to configure it's work environment - changing shell, then changing window managers and configuring tools. I use the tools as they come on the system - I adapt to the tools - I do configure some of those, but I usually don't waste hours configuring those. Since Firefox is the tool I use the most on my machine I did some configuration on it, I added some extensions:

This setting use to work fine under the 1.5.x series. But under 2.0 it does not work anymore - When I launch Chatzilla I get some hard freezes - Chatzilla because white and does not take any text input - the rest of the browser does not responds - so I need to kill it. I'm the only one in the company having these issues - Some did have it but they where gone after a reinstall - this was not the case for me.The problem is not related to either the technorati search nor French dictionary because both of those where installed later. I wanted to file a bug, but I needed more than the above description to make a valid bug report. Hence I decided to open the Error console and try to catch some errors that might be triggered when I was having this problem. Now is the fun part, when the error console is open I do not get those freezes anymore ....

Apart from that big issue, I'm very pleased with some of the stuff introduced in Firefox 2.0. I've seen many people wondering about what where the new features that would make them upgrade. For me the killer feature added in 2.0 is inline spell checking - it does not catch everything, because I really am a bad writer, but it catches my common dyslexia issues where I tend to mix letters in the wrong order, catches French/English spelling issues where I write the word the French way in English and vice versa. I like the way tabs are being handled : a lot more like in Camino and I really love the fact that tabs can be moved - but I'm not so sure that this is a new feature. Second feature I've love to use is the restore session one - when I need to reboot - because of a software update, or because of the aforementioned freeze - when I start Firefox up again, all tabs are open the way they where before - very very useful. I have Firefox open 24/24 almost seven days a week and it rarely crashes nor is it using more than 400 Mb (Which is a lot, but I have many tabs open). If you where wondering why to update, you should not anymore and you should update now.

[1] I don't really like Chatzilla, but It is able to authenticate using certs and my favorite irc client X-chat did not. But thanks to Wolfgang it should now work.

Tristan you are invited


To visit our offices in Leiden - and see how we use the mozilla platform in the venice project. Details are in a private email.

yesterday I told the world a few bits and pieces about my new job. And was asked the technology we used to deliver our client. Of course the answer is Mozilla - we are based on xulrunner trunk. It's nice to change you hobby to a job - but it also means that the hobby becomes less interesting - but working there is fun as those do show.

OmniWeb Onsale


is currently onsale for $10, this offer ends up at the end of the month. A nice time for mac users to try out an compare this competitor to the current mozilla offering.

Firefox 2.0


I've been playing with the newly released Firefox 2.0 since it came out. It worked out of the box, I have some issues with it, sometime it freezes, that might be due to the fact that I use chatzilla, or that I use some flash IM/Jabber software on a dating site. So far so good, the web applications I work with daily did not break.

I do miss something and a quick Google search did not help : I use both French and English as my default languages , and might soon add dutch. How do I add dictionaries to the spell checker ? and how do I tell Firefox which language the inline spell checker should use ?

me Could you please introduce yourself : name, age, place where you live, What is your principal work/occupation in life ?
Wevah My name is Nate Weaver, a.k.a. Wevah. I'm 25 years old, and live in Saint Cloud, Minnesota, USA. My principal work is mostly sitting around writing code, though I don't get paid enough... ;)
me Is your day job mac related too ?
Wevah I don't really have a day job at the moment; I'm trying to find my place (and my motivation), unfortunately. Fortunately, I'm much more motivated than I was a few years (or even a few months) ago.
me What is your development setup ?
Wevah A MacBook Pro (early rev) with a 100 GB/7200 RPM HD and 2 GB of RAM. Oh, and the 256 MB video card (which is currently standard, IIRC).
me How long have you been haging on #Camino and contributing patches ?
Wevah I always forget this. I think my IRC logs started in August of 2004.
me And your first patch ?
Wevah Customized .webloc file handling, I think. Oh, and IE .url files too.
me Are you specilized in some part of Camino or do you contribute anywhere ?
Wevah I like to do stuff that I can do without having to build Camino, though will most likely change eventually. Stuff like the webloc patch where I can test the majority of the code in a small test application. Oh, and I also help administrate the Web site.
me Do you also play with the rest of the mozilla code ?
Wevah No; it scares me. I still don't have a good grasp of C++, yet. I'd like to get there eventually, of course, but I'm having a much better time in Objective-C Land. :)
me Do you participate to other projects be they open source or not ? if yes care to tell us which ones ?
Wevah Sure. I have a few of my own projects (as many people do), the two public ones are Paparazzi! and a User Agent prefpane for Camino. I also will be contributing some code to the now-open source CamiTools project (as you can see, a lot of Camino-related stuff). I also contribute bug reports/help for various other things, though I haven't submitted many (if any) patches to them.
me Urls ? (I'm a lazy guy)
Wevah Paparazzi!'s is , and User Agent's is . CamiTools has a new home at, though the current binary isn't there yet (it's at for now).
me How long have you been using Macs ? What is the oldest version of Mac OS you've been using ? What was your first computer ?
Wevah I've been using Macs since, uh...I don't remember. I think I've used System 4 before, though only for a very short time (and not on my own machine). The first Mac OS I really remember was System 6. The first Mac I used regularly was a family computer; a Macintosh IIvx with 10 MB of RAM and an 80 MB hard disk (oh, how far we've come since then). The first Mac that was mine and mine alone was a "Wallstreet" Powerbook, running at a whopping 266 MHz with 1
Wevah (I'm surprised that I can remember all of that.)
me My crapy IRC client cut your sentence at running at a whopping 266 MHz with 1
me care to repast the end of the sentences ?
Wevah ...with 192 megs of RAM and a 4 gig hard disk.
Wevah Colloquy is lame and doesn't chop long messages up. (The IRC spec says they cut off at 500 bytes or something.)
me Was it difficult to join the Camino developers team ?
Wevah Not really; the only real issue was my own fear of seeming like an idiot or a blowhard (which I guess I don't, thank goodness).
me How time eating is it to manage ?
Wevah Well, since I don't have to do any content or layout, it's not that difficult at the moment. The main things I have to worry about are the user agent detection script (which is being rewritten), the JavaScript image swapper deal, and the contributors' blogs feed (all of which I wrote). Oh, and the redirects for new releases. Sam's a lot more responsible than I am about a lot of it, though. ;)
me Ok, Anything you would like to add , say ?
Wevah I can't think of anything funny or informative, to be honest. But uh...CAMIMO R00LZ!
me thank you for your time
Wevah My pleasure. :)

me Could tell us who you are ?
Kreeger My name is Nick Kreeger, I am currently a senior computer science student at Park University (located around Kansas City).
me How old are you ?
Kreeger 22
me How long have you been in the Camino project ? What do you do in the Camino project ?
Kreeger Lets see, I have been with the Camino project for well over a year now. Most of my contributions have been to the download manager, for instance I implemented pause-resume downloading and improvements to file tracking in the manager. My latest project has been implementing RSS sniffing support for Camino, which I hope is now in its final stages before we check that feature in. When I am not coding, I have CVS access and try to keep the checkin queue down.
me What is your setup ? How long have you been a Camino user ? How long have you been a Mac user ?
Kreeger Currently, I am using a PowerBook G4 1.5ghz, 1.5 gig ram. At home I hook my secondary 19" LCD display, it's very nice if you have several source files up. I have been using Camino for around 2 years or so, and have been involved on OS X for around 3 years. Prior to OS X, I used OS 9 for about 4 years.
me Was it difficult to join de Camino developers ?
Kreeger No, it was pretty easy. I originally stumbled into #camino during the busy days right after version .8, and worked with great people like Samuel Sidler, mento, smfr, and pinkerton.
me Are you involved in other software projects ?
Kreeger Yes, I try to contribute to other Mozilla projects when I find the time. I also have several personal projects, the latest is a cocoa Mail application that embeds the browser view in Camino, and the mailnews stuff that is used in Thunderbird into a native Mac application. The project is called Correo (Spanish for mail) and it is in the early stages of development.
me (any urls ? )
me Anything you would like to say ?
Kreeger We are always looking for contributors for Camino, it doesn't matter if you write code or help with triage. If you are interested, please find your way into #camino and someone cane help you get started.
me Thank you for your time
Kreeger thanks ludo!
Kreeger np

Another extension idea


I would love to be able to use gpg or pgp withint webmails applications like gmail and yahoomail.

My needs would be :

  • Possibility to verify a signed email

  • Possibility so signed my outgoing emails

  • Possibility to decrypt emails

  • Possibility to encrypt emails

features should be implemented in that order. Key management from within the extension would be a plus. Any takers ?

I really knew that the Intel transition would suck - it did in the beos days, why wouldn't it be the same for Apple. Great read thanks Preed.

[FR] mort de rire

| 2 Comments ou pourquoi et comment ne pas utiliser Firefox - amusant.

The Caminol10 project just lost the person making the German-Swiss edition of Camino. If any body wants to take over, please join in on our mailing list

Asia Africa South America

| 1 Comment

I'm wondering what plans the Mozilla Foundation and/org Mozilla-Europe have to promote choice on the internet in those area where Firefox has more or less 10% of MarketShare.


Please introduce yourself, including age, Place where you livem, wht you do for a living and what you do for Camino ?


I'm Bruce, I'm a software architect living in Bath in the UK. My work on Camino is intermittent, but most of the effort has been spent on fixing bugs or adding small features to the user interface


How old are you ?




How long have you been using Macs ? Camino ? and being part of the project ?


I've been using Macs since Mac OS X 10.0 came out, but didn't really move across to them until 10.1 emerged.
Camino was still called Chimera, and was at something like version 0.7 when I switched to using it full time
I started fixing some Firefox bugs on the Mac in late 2004, but preferred to use Camino for my browsing
Eventually decided it would be better making fixes to that, and discovered that ObjC wasn't too hard to learn. My first Camino patch followed a little while later.


Was it hard to become join the developers of Camino ?


Not too hard, although when I started they were mostly in US timezones, which made IRC less useful. The build instructions have also improved a lot since I first tried building Camino!


What pushed you to join the developers ?


A few bits of user interface that really bothered me

The context menu for mailto: links, and Camino always sending US English in the "accept-language" header come to mind.

What is your current development setup ?


A two year old dual G5 PowerPC


What was your first computer like ? When was that ?


And a good 20" widescreen display, essential for development
First computer was an Acorn Electron, which far from having a widescreen LCD plugged into our minute TV at home.
Wikipedia tells me it must have been 1983/84, although I can't remember that well!




What are you going to be working on in the Next few month Camino-wise ?


I haven't got anything particular on my list at the moment, so will probably just help out on 1.1 bugs as and when (if!) I get the time.


Does this mean you'll be rewieng code ?




Are you involved in other Open source project ? If so which ones and why ?


I've made isolated bug reports for other open source projects, but Camino is the only one in which I've invested significant effort


Anything you would like to add ?


Only to say how nice it is to see increasing interest in developing Camino; the project has been through some rocky patches in the past, but its still growing and getting better.


thank you for your time


You're welcome


Could you introduce yourself , including age, place where you live, name ?


I'm Håkan Waara, 21 years old, and I currently live in Stockholm, Sweden.
Right now I'm working for a grant from the Mozilla Foundation, to make Gecko more accessible on the mac.


How long have you been involved with mozilla ? Camino ?


I started getting curious about the Mozilla community back in 1999. I had done some REALbasic programming on the Mac, and tried to learn C/C++. In the beginning, I just filed bugs, and tried to help out with really simple bugs - mostly in the Mail/News component of Mozilla (what later became Thunderbird).
I spent a lot of time learning new things, and making more patches all the way until somewhere around 2001.There were a lot of other things going on in my life, and around then there was *a lot* of controversy around the clumsy UI of Mozilla.So, most bugs that I was involved in became UI wars.
I think that was one of the reasons why they then created Firefox. To be able to design more freely, thinking about the basics, from scratch.
Then in November this year, I finally was able to buy a Mac again. Being without it for 5 years (having to use Windows at home) had been a learning experience, but I knew my roots. :-)


Ok where you a Chimera user ?


No, back then I had Windows computer only. I used a Mac until around 1999 when that old Powermac became too slow to use even for emailing.So I got this iMac around winter last year, and started getting back into programming, Mac OS, and Mozilla. One of my friends introduced me to Camino, and then I was back in business.


How long have you been using computer ? What was your first computer ?


I started getting into computers when my mother bought one around 1994. It was a Macintosh Performa, and I remember that one of the first things I did was to insert a 3,5" floppy disk upside down, and ruined the floppy disk drive. :)


Was becoming a member of the Camino community difficult ?


The first few patches I submitted were probably quite horrible. I was learning Objective-C and Cocoa basics at that point, and thought to myself that the reviewers were a bit harsh. But as always, in the end it is the best (and only!) way to learn - from your mistakes. After logging on a few times on the #camino IRC channel, I started getting familiar with all the people, and their interests in Camino.


What do you think is missing in Camino ?


One of my main pet peeves has been the lack of a find toolbar, similar to that of Firefox. If you search a lot on webpages, the primitive Find dialog is not of much help. Some support for routing RSS to my favorite RSS application is also needed, and I know Nick Kreeger has a patch brewing for that. One of the reasons Firefox has been such a tremendous success is because of its extensibility, where people can make extensions to hook in almost anywhere in the UI code and customize it. I think in order to compete with Safari on the mac, something radical like that would be needed for Camino.


TextMate is another example where extensibility has been one of the key points for success. I would love to see some way to extend Camino with bundles.


Are you involved in other software projects ?


I'm active in Firefox a bit, obviously. Then I've written a small plug-in to TextMate called TabMate, that will make TextMate show Mozilla code nicely, according to how the local code style is defined at the top of the file (with a modeline). I've written a few small patches to Shakespeer, and right now I'm also trying to develop a new OS X app with my friend.


Ok I think I'm donewith the techie side. I have one non techie question, where does your name come from ?


Håkan is an old scandinavian name. Historically, it means something like "descendant of the king". :)

J'ai régler mes petits problèmes avec les impôts de manière fort simple. Le mail que j'ai écrit a suffit a régler mon petit problème, la réponse a été extrêmement rapide - et elle contenait le montant que je dois à l'état. Il reste quelques bugs dans l'implémentation du déménagement hors département : par exemple l'administration ne se souvient pas qu'elle a le droit de prélever sur mon compte en banque : il faut que je renvoi l'autorisation de prélèvement à ma banque.
Tant que j'y étais je me suis demandé si je ne pouvait pas régler mes impôts avec Camino en lieu et place de Firefox. Et bien c'est possible et même trés simple à faire.
Attention je ne suis pas responsable de ce que j'écris ci-dessous si vous tentez la même manipulation.
La méthode d'authentification utilisé par les est basée sur une échange de , un certificat est donc stocké dans le profil du navigateur - l'installation de ce certificat n'est gérée par la direction générale des impôts que dans Internet Explorer et Firefox - on ne peut théoriquement pas utiliser Camino pour se connecter sur Pour seconnecter il faut et il suffit donc d'intégrer dans Camino le certificat qui se trouve dans Firefox (Je ne sais pas le faire depuis Safari car lorsque j'ai obtenue le certificat je l'ai fait via Firefox).

Désolé mon Firefox est en Anglais, ainsi que mon Camino (trunk oblige)

  1. Lancer Firefox
  2. Menu Firefox->Preferences...
  3. Icone Advance
  4. View certificates
  5. Dans mes certificats choisir celui qui porte votre nom dans Direction Generale des Impots
  6. cliquer sur backup
  7. choisir un nom de fichier et un password (il permet de rendre le fichier contenant votre certificat plus sur, ainsi peut de personne peuvent l'importer et se faire passer pour votre personne)
  8. Quitter Firefox
  9. Lancer Camino
  10. Menu Camino->Preference
  11. Onglet securité puis voir certificats
  12. clique sur la petite roue dentée
  13. Restore
  14. entrer le password et voila c'est fait Camino peut se connecter au site des impôts

Here comes another IRC interview this time with Ian Leue
me: Hello, could you introduce yourself including name, age, irc nick and place where you live ?
I.L: My name is Ian Leue. I'm 20 years old, known on irc as "froodian", and I attend college in Connecticut, USA
me: So for a living you are a student. What do you do for the Camino project ?
I.L: I code, triage bugs, answer feedback, and help with forum support. Anything that needs doing, really.
me: Any particular piece of code you are more familiar with ?
I.L: I've been dabbling pretty much everywhere in the codebase, but my most sizable contributions so far have been to the menu code, and I'm planning on doing lots more cleanup that needs to be done there soon.
me: What is your setup ?
I.L: I'm on a 14" iBook g4, 1.33 GHz, with 1.2 GB of RAM. The clock speed isn't awesome, but the extra RAM helps it run like butter.
me: How long have you been using Camino ? What made you join the team ? was joigning a difficult process ?
I.L: I tried out Camino for short periods of time a few times, starting when it was about .7 or so (I think. Hard to remember that far back). I started using Camino regularly some time after .8.4, when the nightlies had lots of features that the release builds didn't (like the "new" tabs). I sort of joined the team by infiltration. I began as one of the lurkers delliott mentioned in his interview, and just
I.L: started being useful whenever I saw an opportunity. By the beginning 2006 I was a regular triage and QA member, and I decided to learn Objective C and start coding as a summer project.
me: So it's a nice experience being a member of Camino's coding team ?
I.L: Absolutely. I love working on Camino :)
me: Are you involved in other open or closed software projects ?
I.L: I do QA work for several closed software projects. I'm on the beta team for and , and I report bugs in all the apps I use. Additionally, I've just released my own preference pane for Camino, MoreCamino.
me: Which is available at ?
me: How long have you been a computer user ? Mac User ? What was the first machine you ever booted ?
I.L: I like this question, because I'm a very nostalgic person. The first machine I remember booting was my family's Mac Classic, although I probably used other peoples' computers for brief periods of time before that. I guess that would mean I've been both a computer and a mac user since '92, and I started tweaking it right away. Man I loved System 6 at the time. ;)
me: What do you think is missing in Camino ?
I.L: Really, the things I miss most are a thousand miniscule features. When you spend your days buried in the bug database, you start seeing all the tiny issues and missing features all the time. The biggest "big-time" feature I miss is RSS detection, but it looks like that's going to change pretty soon.
me: Anything you would like to add ?
I.L: Lots of things! And when Camino 1.1 comes out, we'll see a lot of them. Pretty much as soon as I know how to fix something I do it. Things I'd like to do that I don't quite have the skill for yet is a user-accessible search way to change the search engine list and a total revamp of the "add bookmark" sheet.
I.L: Although it occurs to me now that you meant "anything you would like to add to the interview" and not to Camino
I.L: in which case, no :p
I.L: :)

This is a first in a series of interveiw I will conduct in the Camino community, so people get to know who besides Pink works on our beloved browser. My first guest is our Google Summer of Code tab coder.

Me What is your name ? Where do you live ? How old are you ?
Desmond ElliottMy name is Desmond Elliott. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am 23 years old.
for how long have you been using computer ?
Roughly 11 years. My first computer was an Apricot 386-SX 16.
What was your first machine ? How long have you been a Mac user ?
Whoops, jumped the gun back there. It was the Apricot computer and it ran DOS 5. I have been a Mac user since Spring 2002. My first Macintosh was an iMac G4 700 - I'm typing on it as we speak.
Care to give us more information on your main mac machine (speed ram etc ...) ?
I normally use a MacBook Core Duo 1.83 with 512MB RAM, but I poured a bottle of juice over that so I'm back to my iMac G4 700, 384MB RAM. It is painful.
How did you learn about Camino, the Camino project, and what was the first version of Camino you used ?
Since I bought my iMac I've known about Camino, I think it was called Chimera back then. Apple bundled Internet Explorer 5 with OS 10.1 and that was an ugly experience. A friend re-introduced me to Camino about 6 months ago when she told me that it was the only browser that she could use to access her wireless router's admin page. The first version I used was 0.8.
What pushed you to join the developers of Camino ? What do you enjoy in being a developer of the browser ?
I wanted to spend the summer working on something that was relevant to what I am studying at University. I applied for a place on the Google Summer of Code Program with Mozilla to work on the Camino browser. The desire to work with a team developing a piece of software that hundreds of thousands of people actually played a massive part in pushing me into joining the Camino project.
I enjoy working with people who are able and willing to share their knowledge and experience with me. There is a lot to learn and everybody involved in the project is busy with their own lives so it is great when people take some time to explain something to you. It reminds you that they are really into what we are doing.

Did you have any previous experience with open source software ?
Was it difficult to reach other developers and become a member of the community ?
Not really. There is an IRC channel on where the Camino developers - and some lurkers, you know who you are! - hang out and you can normally catch a developer or two who can help you with any problems you might have.
Anything you'de like to add ?
Yes - be a good nightly build user!



This really is a nice trick I've never heard before. Someone just showed it to me and I had to share it with you.
One can run multiple instances of Firefox, Thunderbird and most moz products, the secret is to set the MOZ_NO_REMOTE to 1 before launching your instances of mozilla products. This means you can browse using a stable product, while test and play with the latest beta. You need to use a different profile so things don't get messed up. Isn't this feature cool ?
Is there a way to tell Camino to use a specific profile ?

[FR] Litmus


Hier avait lieu une des journées de débogage qu'organise Mozilla Corporation : Les mozilla Quality Day. Ces journées permettent à tout un chacun de participer au dévelopement des prochaines versions de et de . En effet ce qui coùte le plus cher dans le dévelopement d'un logiciel ce n'est pas le dévelopement lui même mais la partie assurance qualité - dont la tâche est de vérifier que le produit ce comporte correctement : qu'il affiche correctement les pages oueb, qu'il ne plante pas lors de la lecture d'un mail par exemple. Vu la complexité et le nombre de fonctionnalité qu'offre depuis toujours les produits de la marque Mozilla - cette vérification de la qualité est un processus très couteux en temps. Un autre processus couteux en temps - pour la qualité - est l'analyse des rapports de bugs soumis par les utilisateurs via bugzilla.
Depuis déjà fort longtemps les dévelopeurs des produits mozilla s'appuient sur la communauté pour réduire les temps d'analyse de bugs - au travers de bug day - réunion informaelle et virtuelle (elles ont lieu sur IRC). Réunion au cours desquels les utilisateurs analysent un bug, essayent de le reproduire etc ...
Mais les problèmes les plus génants et les plus diffciles à gérer sont ce qu'on appelle des regressions. Il s'agit d'une fonctionnalité qui cesse de fonctionner - c'est très dommageable pour l'image du produit.
Mozilla Corporation a mis en place une structures composé d'outils qui permette de rendre l'assurance qualité moins coûteuse - des tests de regressions automatiques ont lieu via Malheureusement la plupart des problèmes rencontrés sont de nature visuelle et ne peuvent pas être automatisé via de l'informatique. Mais l'année dernière Zach Lipton a écrit une application web nommé Litmus - qui pemet d'automatiser une partie des tests et de mieux canaliser les utilisateurs voulant apporter leur pierre à l'édifice.
J'avais testé litmus l'année dernière lors de sa sortie et assez deçu car on ne pouvait tester que firefox et il detectait Camino comme tel - Il ne permettait que de faire une petite série de test automatiquement via la langage javascript. Comme hier c'était une journée de test je me suis lancé et je suis aller voir Litmus , la nouvelle version - première bonne nouvelle elle se souvenait de moi. Deuxième bonne nouvelle, elle permet de tester manuellement beaucoup plus de point sur les logiciels. J'ai donc fait deux série de test hier avec la prébéta de Firefox - cela m'a pris quarante-cinq minutes. Mais j'ai beaucoup aimé mon expérience avec litmus et je vous encourage cher lecteurs à faire de même et prendre un peut de votre temps libre pour rendre Firefox de meilleure qualité - en se contantant de prendre son temps. Je n'ai qu'un regret : litmus est un outil entièrement en anglais, il faut donc comprendre un minimum la langue de shakespeare pour pouvoir donner un coup de main.

Mac Zap build


A rought nightly build of Zap is available here. I finaly managed to make a clean build this morning. I haven't tested the beast. Please read the README file in the zip file in order to install and try to run Zap.

1.0.2 ML released


Yep thanks to Mark the Multilingual version of Camino 1.0.2 is out and ready for download.
This is a security fix release and it also fixes a regression concerning .pac files.



This post is a status update on my life and it's effect on my Camino Mozilla related activities.
I used to live near Paris in my flat, where I had a good ADSL connection. I also used to have a girlfriend much younger then I am, who was studing at ENPC. I knew she didn't want to live near Paris and was ok with it. In early 2005 she found an intership near, strasbourg, she moved to her parents while I was looking for work. In october my company sent me to Nancy, so I left my parisian flat and it's net connection and startde using my dad's only on week-ends, this went of until february 2006 where I found a new job, february was a nice month, I was at my parents home and did work on things like the multilingual Camino for the 1.0 release, that was a cool moment. Then my new work started, but not near the place I wanted to live in. I was thinking about getting internet when she dumped me, so those past three month have been used to heal from that break-up (we where together for 8 years). Things should change work wise, If evreything goes as planned I'll be working in Switzerland, will be able to take falt where I will stay on week-ends and get DSL. I should then resume working more time on Camino and other Mac related projects.
Plans are to get a new machine and resume my activites on caminol10n and Camino. I would like to apologized for not being more present in the last few month, but I really couldn't.

Dear members of the Caminol10n project,
Mozdev is exepreinceing issues related to mail see bug 14296. This means mail does get through the mailing list which sucks. For those who do not read nor our caminol10n feed I wanted to let you know that the release notes for Camino 1.0.2 are written and avalable here for you to work on. Something like a few lines have been added to the notes.

For those whishing to have a look at what Camino 1.0.2 will be, it might be nice to testdrive and reports issues regressions either on #camino or via bugzilla.

Opera 9 beta


I've been playing with Opera 9 beta these lasts weeks on either my aging PowerBook or at work on windows. I have mixed feelings, but tend to like the product. Here is a very short list of pros and cons for that :

  • Fast

  • Identifies itself as Opera

  • Free

  • works identicaly on windows and Mac OS X

  • Saves sessions - tabs ore reopened where they where


  • Doesn't import proxies users and password on windows

  • UI sucks on Mac OS X, less on windows

  • Web applets are useless

  • Breaks on site doeing browser sniffing (Yhaoo! Mail beta for instance)

  • Save sessions (suck when browsing pr0n)

I would like to be able to quote messages in Thunderbird the same way gnus does something looking like :

Toto Goa wrote :
TG> yadayada hhjh
TG> hjhjhjhjhjjhj

I think this can be done via an extension. Would be nice to have such thing.

That's right. 8x8 the sponsor behind Zap is offering code bounties from $2000 up to $5000, for people that will fix bugs, and help make Zap the mozilla SIP stack better. More information can be found on the Zap bounty page.

Est un livre écrit par Georges Silva. Il est disponible ici.
Dès que j'ai eu connaissance de l'existence de ce livre je me suis pressé de l'obtenir et de le parcourir pour apprendre quelques trucs sur le logiciel de messagerie que j'utilise. Pour un utilisateur de longue date (j'utilise depuis la version 0.6), comme je le suis il n'y a pas grand chose a apprendre , sauf le chapitre sur les extensions. En effet je n'utilise qu'une seule extension pour : enigmail.
Pour les utilisateurs novices , qu'ils utilisent windows, linux ou bien Windows, tout est dans le livre et dans le bon ordre. de l'installation à la configuration , à la prise en main. C'est bien écrit, les copies d'écran sont présentes. bref à lire absolument si vous envisager de passer à cet excellent logiciel de courriel.

I can't find words to describe how cool is new tool seems to be. A few leaks have already been filled with this tool againts Ff and thunderbird. This is nice, I now just hope that a few mac users will try to use this and report bugs, the coolest thing to do would be to report mac specific leaks meaning that when a leak is found, it should be tested on another platform and be filled accordingly to this secodn test.

In february I asked the Camino comunity to give me a hand to chase . Between 10 and 20 people responded and sent me the required log files with which I would start to file memory leaks bugs in bugzilla.
I haven't been able to use the data that was send to me. I'm sorry. The problem is that I've discovred two leaks and file bugs 328715 and 328716. The first bug is very annoying, because I can't create reliable test cases. Creating a test case means that I edit html files and that I try to see if Camino leaks when displaying those files. But each time I open those file I leak so it's near to impossible to really detect other leaks. Once those bugs are fixed I'll use the data that seats on my Hard Drive.



Est sortie. La dernière version de Camino n'est plus la 1.0, mais la 1.0.1. Elle fonctionne sur Mac OS X 10.2.8 et plus.
Les nouveautés ne sont pas légions mais comprennent :

  • Les patchs de sécurité suivants. Ceux de Firefox depuis la version 1.5.0

  • La possibilité d'ouvrir des fichiers locaux de type

  • La possibilité d'utiliser ses combinaisons utilsateur/motdepasse sur mac intel après migration d'une machine PPC

The Camino projet has released an updated version of Camino, version 0.8.5, which brings the same security fixes that Firefox 1.0.8 bought to non mac users. This means that users still running Mac os X Puma (10.1.5), can now upgrade to this latest release.

The ML version is also available and has all the languages that where previously available in Camino 0.8.4 (there are a few missing release notes, but the english one is included). Users using 10.2, 10.3 should use 1.0, we will shortly release 1.0.1 to fix a few security issues.

A big thanks to our marvelous build engineer Mento. A big thanks to Marcello who build the ML pkg while being conected to the internet through his gsm and low band modem connection.
Download the english only version of Camino. The multilanguage pkg of Camino is also available and contains the following language :

  • Chinese (Simplified)

  • Chinese (Traditional)

  • Czech

  • Danish

  • Dutch

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Japanese

  • Lithuanian

  • Norwegian bokmål

  • Norwegian nynorsk

  • Portuguese

  • Swedish

Driving inovation


Since MoFo's statement is driving inovation on the internet I have an idea that I thought I should share with you.
One easy way to drive inovation is to bring more people to use the thing you want to inovate on. A nice effort would be to push internet in emerging countries like in africa.



When netscape was controlling both it's browser and the mozilla infrastructures they had paid people doing evangelism.
What was that job's description :
"Netscape is building a new generation browser, based on standards written by the W3C, which is not compatible with NN4 and with IE, if you want your website to be useable you should change this and that, knowing that AOL, Compuserve users will be switched to this new browser". So people where paid to email/phone/write to various webmasters and websites in order for those to become standard compliant or at least being visible with gecko based browser. In those days evangelism was hard because gecko/opera was less than 2% of the market. Today our market share is 10+%, and I think it would be a wise move for the goalss set to the mozilla foundation to restart a evangelism campaign, this is the right moment to do it, because we the arrival of IE 7.0 webmasters and web application developers are going to change some of their habit, one smart move would be to use IE 7 to push standard adoption and thus get rid of all those web site design for IE.
There is imho a need to have a full time paid evangelist at the mozilla corporation, that would not focus only on the US but also on the other parts of the world. help from affiliates would be needed.
Then there might be a need to push standard adoption trhought efforts such as openweb, or trying to get sites like w3schools more open to other standards than IE.

Once upon a time, when the Caminol10n team was working on the 0.8.x branches we had three chinese speakers that did a great job in delivering Camino 0.8.0 thru 0.8.5, in traditional and simplified Chinese. When the translation work started for Camino 1.0, we had no news from our Chinese team. I've mailed every member of that team. It's been a little more than a month since I've emails those guys, and I still haven't heard from them. Hence I'm writting this blog entry in order to build a new Chinese Team, in order to be able to deliver Camino 1.1 in Chinese. If you are interested please get in touch via our mailing list (see the above website) or email me directly.

Thanks to Benjamin Smedberg, I can now run zap (Mozilla's SIP stack) on my Mac. To be able to run xulrunner apps on a macintosh one needs to install them. You can either install a .xpi file or a directory, I've installed two xulrunner applications, Simple and Zap using the following commands:

cd mozilla/dist/bin
./xulrunner-bin --install-app ../xpi-stage/zap
./xulrunner-bin --install-app ../xpi-stage/simple

This creates in /Applications/Mozilla and in /Applications/Mozillatest, these files can be launched like any applications. They don't have custom icons, but that's mainly because, non are provide in the application folder I supose.

If nothing happens when you double click on your newly installed Applications and if you have the following message in your system log :

Could not find compatible GRE between version 1.9a1 and 1.9a1.

This simply means you don't have the Xul runner framework installed. You need to copy XUL.Framewok (from your dist directory) to /Library/Frameworks.

cp -Rp XUL.framework /Library/Frameworks/

And now you can launch your application.

Camino Manual


Now that Camino 1.0 has shipped it might be a good idea to try to revive the manual. When we started working for 1.0 the idea of having a manual to give to our users would be a nice idea. The Camino-documentation mailing list was used to start the effort and gather people willing to work on the manual. A wiki was set up so people could try to give a hand and write chapters of the said manual. Thanks to the work of Brandon Schoech chapters 1,2,3,4,6,7,9 have been written, we are still missing a few chapters and some proofreading on the existing work. Any takers ? the manual can be found at :, the camino-docs mailing list is available at :

Zap on the Mac


I've finnaly compiled Zap, mozilla SIP stack and client on my mac. I had linking issues that where resolved when I added --with-macos-sdk option to my mozconfig file (thanks mento).
./xulrunner ../xpi-stage/zap/application.ini does nothing, it just bails out saying it can't find application.ini.
I then saw a xulrunner-bin and tried to launch zap with that line. Ha Ha, it works, sorta. A windows is created - but no menu bar - and that window is useless, you can't click on any element in it. I'll post a screenshot when I can get a few minutes. I then decided to give more info to afri so we can also have zap on the mac. I've build a debug build and will gather information and try to understand why, this window is so useless.

Sunday like most of saturday I stayed in the mozilla room at fosdem [I only left on Saturday to join the key signing party]. The topics were a lot more technical on sunday than on saturday which was good and made this year a lot better than last year.

We had a talk by a member of, explaining how they jumped on the extension development. He explained what their product would be and then what issues he had getting into the mozilla platform, saying that until he found the correct irc channel he wasn't able to find things he was looking for.

Then David Baron explained what he was working on. He refactors some parts of the layout engine, so it will be more consistent , and easier to maintain and understand. He expect some early results in about 2 month and he started almost a year ago working on the reflow refactoring. His talk was pretty interesting, I learned a lot of things.

Then the flock team explained what they were working on, how they where trying to improve mozilla development Good news is they have a technical writter on the payroll, and that the mozilla community should benefit from his writings.

Alex Fritze presented , and was quite successfull in that. Zap is a SIP stack for mozilla. I retried to compile it last night and failed with linker errors, that I might investigate. Peterv tried to call afri while demoing, peter was using gizmo. Afri's zap did ring but a codec issue prevented both to held a conversation.

On Camino issue I got a contact with a georgian localizer, and I think we could get georgian in our list of supported languages. I got touches with the Czech localizers and they cleared up an issue I had with the person doing Camino work [bad news, I don't think we 'll have Camino in Czech in the near future]. Also I talked about the Camino entries on mozilla europe's website, these will be replaced by redirects to

last, I discovered a tiny bug in enigmail, sitting next to it's developers was nice and I demoed him the bug. That bug is on its way to being fixed

That really was a nice .

Leaks in thunderbird


At home I run Mac OS X and run one Mozilla Application : Thunderbird, with one extension enigmail. I also run Camino of course which is based on the mozilla codebase. At work I usually can't use Thunderbird as I'm connecting to exchange or domino servers, and it would not make sense to use Thunderbird yet. Some time ago dbaron posted instructions and a perl script. He released theses tools in order to track down memory leaks in the mozilla codebase. I've started an effort to find leaks with these tools in Camino, I assume some people will hunt leaks in Firefox, but Thunderbird - would it make sense to hunt such leaks ? I've never found Thunderbird sluggish, or memory eating, but I suppose some leaks in the codebase could also be found using those tools.

Recently the mozilla developers added functionality to help them find memory leaks . Most testing from those developers will be done on Linux and windows; a few will do it on MacOS but using Firefox or SeaMonkey.
Camino is not completely built like Ff and works differently (internally) meaning that we might find some leaks not found by developers. With your help, I intend to make sure these leaks are brought to the attention of the relevant developers ?.

The work you will need to do is quite easy : you will need to launch a trunk version of camino in a special way, and surf like you use to. After some time I will collect files generated by Camino, analyse them and maybe ask you some questions, and then I will file the bugs so that the problems get corrected.

For now, all you need to do is contact me privately so I can start that process.

Camino 1.0 est disponible

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Voila après 3 année passé à suivre ce projet je suis très fier d'annoncer la disponibilité de 1.0. Ce navigateur spécialement conçu pour Mac OS X est depuis Février 2003 pris en main par la communauté Open Source. Merci donc a Mike Pinkerton de ne pas avoir baissé les bras et d'avoir continué. Merci aussi à la fondation Mozilla du soutient qu'elle nous a apportée ces dernières années.
La dernière version stable est sortit en juin/juillet 2004 voici donc ce que je retient de cette nouvelle version qui ne fonctionnera que sur Mac OS X 10.2 et plus :

  • L'intégration de Midas

  • L'intégration de

  • Le nouveau gestionnaire d'onglet

  • Le passage à gecko 1.8

  • Une meilleure gestion des

On peut télécharger Camino ici.

Camino 1.0 is out

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I would like to announce that 1.0 is out. I've been haging for some time on the project and would like to thank :

  • Mike Pinkerton

  • Simon Woodside

  • Jasper Hauser

  • The Mozilla Foundation

  • Marcello Testi

I would also like to thank all the members and past member of our localization team Caminol10n. Today our Multilingual package contains the following languages :

  • French

  • Italian

  • German, and Swiss locale

  • Portuguese and Brazilian locale

  • Dutch

  • Russian

  • Polish

  • en_GB

  • Danish

  • Slovak

  • Swedish

As you can see we miss a few languages from our prior releases. Some of those will be released pretty soon (read Spanish, because I think we've finnaly build a spanish team), some of those we've loosed track of the localizers. Anyhow if you want to bring Camino to your language we will be glad to help. You basically need a mac, an internet connection and some free time.

The schedule for the mozilla room at fosdem 2006 is up at

Thunderbird 1.5


je viens de mettre à jour mon logiciel de courriel. Je suis passé de Thunderbird 1.0.2 à 1.5. Cette mise à jour c'est opérée sans difficulté sur mon Macintosh. Il m'a suffit de copier la nouvelle application sur l'ancienne et de la lancer. Thunderbird a mis à jour enigmail tout seul comme un grand. Pour l'instant, après quelques heures d'utilisation je ne constate ni dégradation de performances ni aucune autre régression.

As some of you may know our Great leader just blogged about the future release of Camino 1.0 , which is just around the corner. The caminol10n team is working hard on bringing a multilingual version of Camino at the same date. If you want to be sure to have in your language it might be a great idea to check our list of available languages, and the versions they are available in (see our testing packages on caminol10n). If you want to translate Camino in your language please join our mailing list where we will help you, set up your tools and environement. If your languages does not seem up to date, please join our mailing list and tell the localizer you are willing to help, update the .

According to the latest xiti monitor Market share usage. Firefox has over 30% market share in two countries : Slovenia and Finland. Nice figures as the average usage seems to be over 20%. 10.2 being the lowest score (in Denmark). Also the study makes a difference between 1.0 and 1.5 (used at 39%).

NVU dans l'entreprise


La boite dans laquelle je travaille actuellement utilise NVU. En effet je travaille pour un service informatique qui a décidé d'utiliser un format ouvert pour sa documentation. Le format choisi a été le HTML, et l'outil NVU car m'a-t-on dit celui-ci est plus stable que Frontpage. Comme cette entité informatique écrit beaucoup de documentation, nvu y est utilisé quotidiennement.

I've discovered a nice command line option that can be given to any Application :

/Applications/ -NSShowNonLocalizedStrings YES

Run the application long enough, and you will get all the strings that are not localizable in the application and it's bundles. That a nice , no ?

Hence when you want to check if all strings can be localized, you just need to run the application long enough to see if all strings are localizable.

Barre d'outil google


J'ai recement installer la barre d'outil dans mon navigateur préféré : . Le moteur de recherche par défault dans Firefox est déjà google, que peux donc apporter cette barre d'outil ?
Elle apport deux choses sympathiques :

  • Une fonction pour corriger l'orthographe

  • La possibilité d'ouvrir automatiquement un tab pour les recherches

Comparée à celle fournie pour Internet Explorer, il manque à mon avis une fonction : celle qui permet de voter positivement/negativement pour une page. J'aime bien pouvoir indiquer au moteur de recherche qu'une page est interessante ou bien qu'elle ne contient rien et c'est pour cela que j'ai demandé a google d'ajouter cette fonctionnalité dans leur barre d'outil.

Fosdem 2006


Like some of you may know FOSDEM 2006 is scheduled for the last week-end of February. This is a great place for european mozillians to gather. In 2004 I was not sure the trip would pay of, but there I met Tristan, Axel, Peterv, Alex, Patrick and the talks where very informative. The plans for this year indicates that the talks won't be too technical. Also tristan would love to have the oportunity to have localizers attend the mozilla room, hence I will post a mail to the caminol10n mailing list. Last year I presented the Camino project with the help from jasper (who kindly lended me is ibook). This year I don't have any subject to talk about. I would love to ear stuff gecko and the plans for 1.9, like the reflow rewrite stared by dbaron. Also I would love to have a paper on how to write extensions.

I do use at work, because I can't really can't use my mac for most of the things I do. So usually when I start a new job at a new client one of the firts things I do is download Firefox or use my USB key to install the version I have on it. When 1.5 got released the first thing I did was to grab the official version (I had no time being at a new client to use RCs and report bugs against those). Installation worked very well and then I started using the beast. There is a nasty bug for corporate users in 1.5, the proxy authentification code is broken. Each time a element in a page needs to be fetch the authentification dialog pops up . This means I need to click ok in that dialog several times before the page loads. Tabs are unusable because of that dialog poping up. I filled bug 318253
I then started to use IE that was the machine. After a few weeks I was missing tabs so much that I neede firefox, and I switched back to 1.0.7, which is enough for my daily needs. The bug got a dup, but nothing much. I know those kinds of bugs are hard to debug because they might depend on the version and on the kind of proxy behind which I sit at work. I had time to killed and rememberde from the mozilla M days, thats some of the modules could log some informations to files. So I started googling with keyworks such as Necko, log , And finnaly I was up on Necko's project page where it took me some time to find the how to obtain logs from necko. I've created the log , changed the proxy name, and uploaded the logs in the bug. I hope this will help the developers fix this issue.

20 %


I'de like to congratule Mike Pinkerton for joining the Firefox team @ google ! This year has been a very good year for the mozilla codebase Mac-wise. First Josh got hired by the Mozilla Corporation. Then Mark Mentovai joined Asaf Romano in giving a hand on mac issues. Then Smfr came back to push Camino, he also started fixing CORE issues !!! Now mike gets a job where he will work full time on mozilla, and he says that 20% of his paid time will be spent on Camino, what a great news !!!!!!!!!!!

Right here. As usually since 1999, in the beos world, it's x86 only. But I highly doubt that BeOS PPC is still used. Makes me wonder what the states of Mac software will be when Apple finally releases its x86 based macs.

Lotus notes 7 now supports Firefox, that is a good news. With Firefox being available in .Msi packages the deployement problem in corporate space is solved. I have not dig into the maintenance issues for the enterprise, those issues are :
1) How do you maintain configuration on thousands of desktops ?
2) How do you distribute one extension to thousands of desktops ?
3) You need to make sure that intranet sites, installed web applications work with Firefox.

Point 3 has been solved by IBM for Lotus 7. The compagny I work for uses Lotus, and using Firefox with it was just painfull, recently they updated to the latest version of Lotus Notes 6.0, And my database has been updated. I can now decently read my mails with Firefox on windows (its sucks too much in Camino on my macs). But can't reply, I still need to use IE.

Now point 3 can be partially addressed by the "Mozilla community". Many of use do work in the IT industry, some of us doing development, others doing system administration tasks. How can we prepare's Firefox adpotion in the corporate space ? Very easily :
Lest say you work with a product which is web enabled. If such produc does not work with Firefox, you can request from the product's editor support for Firefox, even if your compagny does not need such support at the moment. The editor will think that the request comes from it's client, and will take notice. I'm not saying we will see immediate support for firefox, but software publisher might change their longterm strategy and start thinking about supporting the fox in their products.

I will do my part. I use Computer Associates products, in my compagny and in the client for which I work. One of their product is IE only. I will open two issues (so they'll be issued from two different compagnies), to ask the web service to be useable with Ff.

We're starting to have our l10n efforts pay ! A few week backs I asked the caminol10n community to start working on nigthly builds so we would be ready for 0.9. Camino 's firts alphas have been released, and we are now able to give out some testing packages for you to test : Italian 0.9a2, Korean 0.8.2, Polish 0.9a2, Portuguese (PT) 0.9a2, Russian 0.9a2+, Slovak 0.9a2. These packages are available on our website at So Russian is likely to be a new supported languages. Also the person behind the summer of code Thailocalization project has translated Camino 0.8.4 in that language (see his work at, if things goes well we should be able to add Thai for the 0.9 release.
Also some work was done for Finnish and for Croatian but they never got reviewed by a simple mortal and thus were never included in the official distros and were never updated. If you speak/read finnish, croatian and want to see your favorite browser available in you language, get in touch with us.

After Fosdem 2005, I've been in contact with Turkish mozilla site and with Turkish speaking germans, but for now I did not hear any news from Them.
I've also been in contact with people from macsforarab, but did not here from them since maybe 6 months.

some news


If you whish to follow Camino's development I shall recommand to read Camino Update (which on a weekly basis should tell you what happens in the Camino World).

I've filled an issue with CA's support site, which is not useable with Deer Park. It's useable on the stable branch (1.0.x), but some buttons are not useable anymore in deer park. I've filled a bug (#295277), but closed it invalid. Now I'm trying to make the vendor support correctly my browser of choice.

On the caminol10n front, we are thinking about using's webspace to host our webpages, and will contnue to use mozdev's cvs and mailing list. The idea is to translate our pages in other languages than English so more people can join the translation effort.

The Cairo switch


Vladimir Vukićević write in is blog that the team working on updating the grafix rendering engine, which should move from different layers (one for win32, one for the mac, and a third for X11, plus the ports (like BeOS)) to the Cairo graphics library is in good shape. The work is almost finished on win32, X11 has a bug in most of it's implementation making the use of Cairo for mozilla slower then what's currently available. The big question for mac me, being a camino user, was how would Cairo behave in Quartz/Aqua, and Vladimir seems to think that the preformance should be in the same range as on the win32 platform. Reading his thought make me think that they might need some help from a mac coder.

The good news is that the switch will start after Firefox 1.1 is released, meaning that the QA teams will have plenty hours to find and report bugs against the new graphics library used by the mozilla products.

Camino T-shirts


There is a poll running at the momment, on the mozillazine Camino forum, on the color of the T-shirt. I personnaly voted White, since I already have a Camino T-shirt (which was made for the sole purpose of the camino talk I gave at fosdem 2005). Now is the right time to voice your opinion on the color of the shirt YOU would like to have.

I'm looking for a name


I've started writting specifications for an Open Source Talkback client server solution. It nothing big at the momment, a few pages of text,a few graphics. But I'de like to find a name for the project. "Open Talckback" seems nice, but I don't want to have issues with the name. "OpenTB" is another solution, and I'll stick with it if I can't come up with a better name. Sugestions are welcomed, post a comment or else write me a mail at : qa-mozilla followed by my last name which is the name of the domain hosting this machine.

There might be an issue with the caminol10n list. Yesterday I sent a mail to the list and it never appeared either in the archives or in my mailbox. Today I got a mail from one of our translator saying basiccaly the same thing. I need to investigate this issue, but can't at the momment because I'm at work.

* Update * this is now bug 10850

Par défaut dans toutes les versions de Mac OS X, est le logiciel par défaut pour la gestion du courrier électronique. Or quand on veut utiliser Thunderbird et dire à l'OS que c'est le logiciel qu'on veut utiliser, il faut d'abord lancer puis indiquer dans celui-ci que l'on veut utiliser par défaut. Je trouve que cette approche (et c'est la même chose lorsque l'on veut changer le navigateur web par défaut), n'est pas cohérente avec les habitudes prises chez Apple en matière d'ergonomie. J'utilise Thunderbird comme seul et unique logiciel de messagerie sur mon mac qui fonctionne sous 10.3.x, n'est pas configuré et n'est plus présent dans mon doc. Chaque fois que je cliquait sur un lien de type mailto:, j'avais qui essayait de se lancer sans succès. Je devais donc utiliser le menu contextuel de Camino me permettant de copier l'adresse email, et la copier dans Thunderbird. Je m'en suis lassé et j'ai décidé d'y remédier. En lisant les différentes FAQ sur Thunderbird, j'ai lu qu'il fallait d'abord que je configure, et puis à la fin d'une discusssion sur un forum j'ai découvert l'excellent RCDefaultApp. Cet utilitaire qui s'installe dans les panneaux de configuration permet de choisir le navigateur par défaut, de changer le logiciel de messagerie, de même que pour le FTP, la lecture de Usenet et des fils RSS. A l'aide de ce petit utilitaire gratuit j'ai configuré Thunderbird comme le courrielleur par défaut sur ma machine.

Voila c'est fait une partie du code permettant aux produits de la fondation Mozilla a été enlévé. Résultat à partir d'aujourd'hui les nouvelles versions de Firefox, thunderbird, et Seamonkey ne fonctionneront plus sur Mac OS X 10.1. La version minimum supporté devient donc 10.2.x. Ce non support de 10.1 est aussi vrai pour Camino. Les dernières versions des produits fonctionnant sur 10.1.5 sont donc Camino 0.8.4, Firefox 1.0.x, thunderbird 1.0.x et Mozilla SeaMonkey 1.7.x.
C'est une bonne chose car les interfaces de programmation entre 10.1 et 10.2 ont beaucoup évoluées, d'autre part parmis les developeur plus personne ne possédait le temps ni de machine en 10.1.

Maintenant la prochaine étape est le netoyage du code permetant le support de macos9 qui est toujours présent :-)

While Camino the browser is currently heading torwards the 0.9 release, it's now time for non coders and people whishing to give the project a hand to step up. What can these "users" do to help the project going onward, well three simple things :
1) Grab a web badge and add it a website, a forum signature, etc ....
2) Join the Camino localization project. if your language is not available yet and if you think that the translation is not correct.
3) Help the Camino community write the manual that will be bundled with release 1.0

That's right we intend (or at least some of us) to ship a manual with Camino. We intend to ship it on the disk image (if the manual is not too bulky), as a PDF file. We also would like to have a printed version. That printed version would be available thru the Mozilla Store. We are done with the layout and the content of the manual (at least we think we are). We would like to have some feeedback on that layout and on the content that will be in Camino's manual. Also now that we've set the content and the layout we need to write those chapters and that's where you can help ! How :
1) Subscribe to the camino-doc mailing list here
2) Write to the list that you are willing to write the content for Chapter XX
3) The project Coordinator (Samuel Sidler), will give you access to the wiki so you can start adding content, or verify, or spellcheck content.

Once in a while we will to a informal meetin on IRC or thru a thread in the maling list stating what goes well and what goes wrong. This should lead us with a manual for Camino 1.0.

Where can I find the detailed specifications of the talkback component that ship with all official released products from the mozilla foundation.
What does the product add to system's crash reports ?
How does it work ?
What are the equivallent Open source solutions (are there any) ?

I'am asking all this because I think it would be very nice to start such open source project, that could leverage end-users crash reports.

I'de be delighted to join an existing project if such thing exists.

via IRC

ok so talkback...
the tinderboxen make builds with symbols
those symbols then get sent to the Talkback server
then the tinderbox gets from CVS (or the talkback server, not sure) the talkback executable, the .ini with version info, etc.
then the tinderbox packages everything together
now if it crashes, it sends a stacktrace in the form blabla.dll!0x12345678
(so a raw hex stacktrace with file names)
the talkback server then combines this data with the symbol data
and so you get a stacktrace
i heard OpenOffice has some opensource crash tracker

So steve said that by 2007 Mac would use Intel processors instead of PowerPcs. He also said that the PowerPC line would be supported for at least 5 more years (and thats some good news). What does this means for Mozilla Foundation's projects (Firefox, xulrunner, Camino) ? This means that in a near future we might need to switch to tiger in order to build our fat binaries - If such switch is needed then this means all developers will need to update to tiger.I deeply hope that fat binaries will be buildable from gcc 3, because if it's not the case then we will need to switch to gcc4, this is some more work. Also building from GCC4 means that the lowest OS level supported by the MoFo products will be 10.3.9. On the toolchain issue I hope that Intel's compiler (which will be available on the platform) will be able to compile either Objective-C, or link against gcc objects.
Supporting two architecture also means that mac related downloads will be bigger in size. Also this means that a new talkback client is needed, AFAIK MoFo does not have the sources of this discontinued product . So how are they going to produce a intel Mach-O binary to include in that Fat Build.

Also this will certainly means some tweaks in #ifdef, because at the momment Macs are BIg-Endians not little-endians.

One more point while I'm talking about talkback, it would be nice to be able to use it from within Corporate space; Talckback needs to be able in the future to be used from behind a authentification proxy.

A new release of the java plug-in has been released it fixes a security issue "nsIScriptSecurityManager Vulnerability". If you are using nigthly builds of Mozilla SeaaMonkey, Camino or Firefox and use the plg-in in order to have fairly good java support, it's time to upgrade the plug-in.



To Tristan and Peter !!! They finally got thru the tunnel. I hope this means that peter will start commiting again !!!

Tiger dev tools


Tiger ships with ship with GCC 4.0 , yeah ! great ! but the binary produced won't work with anything older than 10.3.9 :-(, GCC 4.0 is the default compiler in Tiger. When Apple introduced Panther a year and a half ago, you had to use SDK's to produce binary compatible executable with 10.2 and 10.1 systems. So we could compile but it did not work. Today we can't even compile :-( and Apple tries to enforce developers to follow it's "let those version of the OS die" strategy. Bug #292530 is the one to follow.

A Manual for 1.0


Remember how software used to be distributed in the 80's and 90's ? Before the internet era and it's ubiquitous download mechanisms , software was boxed and came with a printed manual in which one would find all the information needed to use the application that came in the box. These days you find a link to download the software and a link to a forum where people will provide some help. Well I and a few others are willing to write a manual for the release of Camino 1.0. Samule Sidler took the leadership of the project. The project has just started and we are defining the structre of the manual and it's content at the momment. Once done, we will split the wrting work between interested people. The ultimate goal is to either provide a PDF or a printed version of the manual.
We use the camino-docs mailing list to communicate with one another, if you are interested please coma and join the list whose archives can be found here.

While reading hub's blog I found out that Ubuntu was offering bounties for people fixing some issues: two of those bounties are Thunderbird related (one is worth $500, the other $100). The last bounties involves shared code and is worth $500.

Since we've released the 0.8.3 multilingual package, things have been going steadily for Caminol10n. We've received (finally !!) some help from spanish speakers, we've been joined by some finnish guys, meaning that these languages should be available in our next release. However someone worked hard to translate Camino into Korean - but it's not available in our multilanguage package. Why ? Because it has not been reviewed.
How do we build a release of the multilanguage Camino ?
1) We are notified by the Camino team that a release is coming.
2) A mail is sent to the caminol10n mailing list with dates
when we will have the build .
3) The team releases a "beta", which we use to translate.
4) Translators send us their work.
5) Someone other than the translator tests the localized build,
focussing on the translation. This is what we call localization Q&A.
6) The localization Q&A (who is someone other than the translator) sends a mail to the project leaders.
7) When most of the translations are ready, a mail is sent asking about those
that are not yet complete.
8) Depending on the answers the Multilanguage package is built and sent to Mofo, so it get staged on the ftp servers.

Having people to review the work of the translators is important in our process. We lack at the momment some Korean Camino users.

Website Update


I've spent some time this week-end to make the Caminol10n site valid again (it broke when changed a template from transitional to strict). I also made the bugzilla pointer use the "https" protocol instead of "http", since bugzilla is no more accessible without SSL.

It should be available on the ftp servers by the end of the day or tomorow. Get it from
The MultiLanguage package contains the following Languages :
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)
Norwegian bokmål
Norwegian nynorsk

We still lack some spanish mac users.

We will certainly release the Multi language package tonight. It will have all languages we've shipped with 0.8.2 but Japanese - because we did have any news of our japanese translator, nor spanish because we still lack a spanish proofreader. If you're interested in bringing those languages to Camino and to 0.8.3 in General, please take the time to join our project at

Coding question


A the moment Camino does not display all favicons, it only displays the /favicon.ico, if the site has one. I'm trying to understand how Seamonkey deals with entities such has link rel="icon", which it manipulates like favicons. I've been lxring a bit of the afternoon on how it was achieved. It seems that document.getElementById("page-proxy-favicon"); does the trick, but I can't use Js in camino. My guess is that the parser loads the image and stores it somewhere. If I'm right then I would "just" need to retrieve this image if it exist. If I'm wrong could someone point me to a hint on how the favicon mechanism work in Seamonkey/Firefox ?

The launch of our new website has some cool effects. First we are getting free press and I agree with mike we should surf on it (even if the press says we've just released 0.8.2). Today I got to mails from people willing to translate Camino in swedish and norwegian : that's so cool. In the past few month I've tried unsucessfully to contact people from those region and ask them to join Caminol10n. That's one of the first side effect. We still need someone to update finnish from 081 to 082, and some spanish speakers too.
The second effect is that Camino 0.8.3 is almost ready - a beta is out , so please take the time to download it and repport problems you find we it (remember regression for 0.8.3 are to be made against 0.8.2, not against the nigthlies).
Last but not least Mike just annonced that 0.9 will comme sooner than expected, meaning that the Caminl10n team should start working on the nigthlies now - And That I should get my Powerbook back from the repair shop in order to fully be able to work on the 0.9 release.

Fosdem talk


is done. I think it went well. Now I can listen talks on Mozilla 2.0.


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Event if the schedule of the mozilla room is not present on the official page, you can't see it here. I'll be the first to speak on Sunday, and I'll present Camino to the european mozillians. I posted a draft, last week of what I wanted to talk about. I got some pretty good feedback from the various camino mailing-lists. I'll post a second draft before the end of this week-end. If you have anything specific you want to know about Camino, please post a comment here so I can dig for answers before the presentation.
I will also attend the L10n pow wow,and will represent the Caminol10n project at it. I will explain why localizing camino si so different than the other applications using mozilla's framework (be it ff, th , the suite or nview). I will also explain how the Caminol10n project works. If I can get a few more contact in order to have more language in which camino will be available that would be fine.
I'll also attend the OpenStep room to speak with people willing to port Camino to gnustep (and I wonder why they don't use Apple's gcc - which includes the objective-c++ compiler).

Fastest browser on mac is


Opera !!! According to this. Camino is not the worst, it's the fastest browser at "cold start". Both Icab and Safari get one mark - but Opera gets 4 marks. Congrats to the Opera Team.

10.1 users wanted


Pinkerton and friend have put up a build for people using 10.1. This build should fix problems encountered on heavy flash sites. It needs to be tested, because none of the camino developers still run 10.1 so please download it and test it. It can be found here

A la demande de Pascal Chevrel , je viens de retirer le lien qui pointait vers sur la page de garde de ce journal. Je n'ai laissé que le lien vers mozilla-europe, dont l'icône a été dessinée par Pascal (en tout cas c'est sur son site que je l'ai piquée). J'allais gueuler sur le fait que le site oueb de mozilla-europe était hébergé eu USA par l'exellent dreamhost - mais il semble que cela ne soit plus le cas depuis début décembre 2004 - Il est maintenant hébergé par jet-Multimédia, mes paquets IP ne traversent plus l'atlantique, pour consulter ce site - et c'est trés bien !!! (En plus j'ai bien connu certaines personnes chez Jet).

To european developers


As I already wrote, I'll attend FOSDEM, like I did last year. Would there be some interest in a presentation of the Camino project ?

Caminol10n news


We made some progress since I last reported on our matters.
* We have updated Japanese, Portuguese and Lithuanian translations.
* We have a 0.8.2 spanish package. This one needs to be tested : see Caminol10n
* We should publish a new packaged version of Camino-multilanguage 0.8.2 containing all those changes.
* We should add Korean to the list of languages we have/support.
* We are trying to update

Camino is available in almost 14 languages. I would also like to be able to incorporate Croatian and Finnish to our languages, Croatian "only" needs to be tested by Croatian mac users, while for Finnish wee need some work to update the translation from 0.8.1 to 0.8.2 and then someone to review that work.

On my spare time I've been trying to get people in touch with people willing to translate Camino to Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish, Greek. I've had few contacts with turkish mozillian, but did not get the right contact, still hoping. Greeks told me Gecko did not render hellenic characters good enough for them to use Mozillian application, hence I think we can forget Greek. I did not get any answer from Arabic speakers so far, but got one from Isarel saying that right to left language support in OS X sucked and thus most Mac users in Israël where using and English version of the system.

I would love to add more languages to our project, I'm looking for languges such as Norwegian, Swedish, Russian. Send me a mail I you whish to help translating Camino to these languages.

I'll be attending Fosdem 2005, so if you want to discuss Camino translating, and other mozilla matters please join the meeting.

Tinderbox update


The seamonkey tinderbox page has been recently updated, there now is a camino iframe in it. This is great news because ususally devlopers only check seamonkey for bustage and do not always think about what's going on with Camino. This update should get rid of burning Camino trees causes by non camino developers. That's good.

+ 2


Today both coworkers working in my room switched to Firefox. I didn't do much to push them to switch. They use to work with IE replacement and they new I used ff - but they use to say, that ff is worthless. I did not answer - My coworkers are tech savy. Today they were bitching about the inability to force new window to be tabs : I showed them how they should tweak their prefs to have it (meaning showing them about:config). I'm pretty sure they'll stick to ff from now on, and when our third coworker comes back to work, he will also switch, just because the other two have.
The only thing we can't easily do is download extensions because getting extensions requires and encrypted connection.



I'm thinking about attending FOSDEM 2005. Fosdem 2004 was fun and very interesting, with the advent of Mozilla Europe, presentations of nvu, minimo, table layout debuging and more. I can buy now train tickets for a good price, but since I only want/need to attend the mozilla room I would like to know the schedule of that room. Unfortunatly the schedule is not present atm on fosdem's website, anyone knwos what the schedule is (start time for saturday end time for sunday would be enough). Also is there a discount on Hotel price like last year ?

Gmail invites


I still have some lying around. I'm ginving them to mozillian that will contact me thru gmail : ludovic.hirlimann.

Msi coming to firefox


That's good news, starting today, Firefox can be installed thru a .msi which contains the "normal" installer. You can't do silent install yet (see bug 229706) which means no easy mass deployment of Firefox in corporations. But this might make it for 1.1, having the double advantage of being a 1.1 release plus being easily deployed. I know they are other solutions to FireFox's mass deployment, but MSI is the standard one used in the corporations.

Is Simon back ?


It seems to be so, because he commited three patches to three different bugs yesterday. Yeah !!!! One of those bugs is related with how camino handles Gecko events making camino a bit less speedy but a lot more responding than up to now on heavy animated flash sites (see my previous entry on the subject, that patch might make it in 0.8.3, if there is no problem with it on 10.1.5, so we need users of these systems to test the patch), and give commens in bug #271050 or thru the Camino Mailing list.
Thank you simon.

10.1 users wanted


to test the patch that might make life easier, when visiting Highly Flash pages. Smfr has build a version of the 0.8 branch with the patch it's available at Please try it and ssend comment on the camino mailing list. This is only interesting if you are running 10.1 because we already have results for 10.2 and 10.3

Comme je l'ai dit précédemment, lorsque je lance L'Encyclopédie Hachette Multimédia 2005 sur mon Mac celle-ci plante avant même d'avoir eu le temps de construire son interface.
Je me suis donc fendu d'un petit mail à l'assistance hachette afin de leur soumettre le problème.Grâce à Mr Glazman, je sais que l'application est construite sur des technologies Mozilla, et cela se vérifie sans soucis. Dans le trace du plantage je note que le problème est sans doute du a Java, là je me demande si je n'ai pas installé le JavaPlugin Enabler, qui permet d'optimiser les applet java dans les navigateurs mozilla. En enlevant le plugin, L'encyclopédie fonctionne.
J'ai donc répondu a hachette en le leur indiquant et j'ai prévenu le créateur du plug-in via ce bug

Mac rendering feedback


While searching for a greek translator for Caminol10n, I got the following reply:

Hello Ludovic,

I would have been happy to help if Camino lost an important 'feature'. It's inability to render Unicode characters properly using Apple's ATSUI/MLTE.

Camino still does not use ATSUI/MLTE and consequently Hellenic glyphs render poorly on the international version of OS X. Users of the 'patched' version (using either Rainbow Computers' semi-official GR-Update or the free X-Greek patch) can see properly rendered Hellenic characters. For many reasons, many hellenic-speaking users (including myself) prefer to use unpatched International versions of the OS and consequently Camino is inferior to other 'native' browsers such as OmniWeb and Safari that do use MLTE/ATSUI and render Hellenic properly. Yes, it is unfortunate and yes, it is annoying. Very.

Note that this flaw is also present on other browsers such as MSIE, all gecko browsers (Mozilla, Firefox, Camino etc.) and other non-Cocoa or non-Carbon/ATSUI/MLTE browsers.

Please let me finish this email by stating that I believe Camino is an excellent browser with innovative features and a promising future. However, I feel that the inabiliy to properly render Unicode (and specifically Hellenic) fonts make it largely pointless to bother localising it at this stage.

I forwarded the mail to my favorite project leader, so he could forward it to the foundation. I then decided to post the mail here in order to try to push bug #121540. I voted for the bug too. I know the issue is tricky but it would be nice if the mozilla developers would focus on fixing this bug.

caminol10n progress


Since our short term horizon is release free we are concentrating on fortifying what we already have. This means our short term objectives is to build a live spanish translating community. We have had 3 persons that have worked on the Spanish version so far. I hope we will be able to build a small community like we've done with the portuguese guys. I've contacted several Korean users group and mozilla related web wite but have not been able to get someone saying he/she was working on bringing Korean to our application. Since our goal is to have most languages on board I've also contacted some greeks. Now If only I could get in touch with some Arabic speaker mac users I would be delighted.

Ars technica has reviewed Mozilla Thunderbird. Overall a good review.

Firefox for Tru64


I know Tru64 is dead, but I've been asked where I could find a Firefox build for Tru64. I've been able to find the suite in version 1.7.2 for Tru64 but nothing newer. Anyone kn ows where I can find such builds ? (target system is 4.0f).

And can be downloaded . Thanks to the work of the members ofCaminol10n project, available languages include : Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Slovak. As our process requires review, we also have Japanese, Croatian, Lithuanian and Chinese available from the project's site. Japanese and Lithuanina have been reviewed actually, but a bit late and might not be in the official packages before a day or two.
We also host Finnish and Spanish version of 0.8.1. . We have had three person to work on spanish localization - none stays so we are always a bit late spanish wise :-(. I need to find a focused spanish localizer.

Release date


Yesterday Camino 0.8.2 was released. While we carefully avoided FireFox's release date to release our update, we did not take into account Thunderbird which has just been released in 1.0. Congrats to evryone in the thunderbird team - prodcut is awsome - I use it as my primary mailer since 0.5.

Cocoa embed is broken


while I coule easely fix the build problem using this one liner :

RCS file: /cvsroot/mozilla/embedding/browser/cocoa/,v
retrieving revision 1.1
diff -u -r1.1
--- 4 Apr 2003 21:24:31 -0000 1.1
+++ 5 Dec 2004 16:14:02 -0000
@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@

- pbxbuild -buildstyle $(BUILDSTYLE) build
+ $(PBBUILD) -buildstyle $(BUILDSTYLE) build

clean clobber::
rm -rf build

I'm having problems with building itself I get the following:

src/ In member function `virtual nsresult DownloadListenerFactory::CreateInstance(nsISupports*, const nsIID&, void**)':
src/ error: cannot allocate an object of type `nsDownloadListener'
src/ error: because the following virtual functions are abstract:
../../../dist/include/uriloader/nsIDownload.h:65: error: virtual nsresult nsITransfer::Init(nsIURI*, nsIURI*, const PRUnichar*, nsIMIMEInfo*, long long int, nsIWebBrowserPersist*)
../../../dist/include/uriloader/nsIDownload.h:71: error: virtual nsresult nsITransfer::GetSource(nsIURI**)
../../../dist/include/uriloader/nsIDownload.h:77: error: virtual nsresult nsITransfer::GetTarget(nsIURI**)
../../../dist/include/uriloader/nsIDownload.h:87: error: virtual nsresult nsITransfer::GetPersist(nsIWebBrowserPersist**)

I've mailed Conrad Carlen asking him for directions on how I could fix this. In case Conrad can't help me, I'm posting this here too. Any idea is welcome.

Progress 05/12/2004


Caminol10n is waiting for Camino 0.8.2 to be released to release the multilanguage version. The lacalizer are finishing their work this week-end. We will have new languages for this release including czech, croatian, finnish, portuguese (even with a brazilian version). We briefly had someone working on the norwegian version, but haven't here from hom since some days. If you are using our localized builds, you'll need two or three days from the english release of 0.8.2 to get your localized version of Camino.

Who's in charge


at the mozilla foundation of updating sites such as versiontracker, macupdate ?
Because mozilla 1.8.a5 as a requiremebnt of mac os X 10.0, on versiontracker. I'm pretty sure the required os version is 10.1.

Testers needed


Geoff Beier has written a patch that changes the way Camino and Gecko exchange information on timing issues. the patch is small but the changes it introduces are important because Camino and it's embed gecko talk a lot to each other. This patch should improve Camino a lot, but before it can be applied, it needs to be tested. Geoff has put two build in this archive [14 MB]. Please take the time to test both Camino in the .dmg and tell us if the one in the bug or on the camino mailing list, if you encounter problems with geoff's patch build.

Midas is in the nigthlies


For those who missed it, midas, the rich text editor is now part of Camino, in the nightlies.

First bug ?


I lost my bookmarks :-( They are not available and I can't use BookMarks->Manage Bookmarks. I can't file a bug either becuse of some https issues. I was running 0.9.x, I downloaded the .zip file of Firefox 1.0 and replace my directory with the content of the zip file. I launched 1.0 and no more bookmarks. The menu is empty, I can't manage them. I've added about:bloank to my bookmark and they all reappeared, but I still can't use them. If i quit and restart i need to rebookmark about:blank in order to acess them, pretty annoying I must say.


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Le navigateur web Firefox 1.0 est disponible depuis quelques minutes. IL permet de naviguer à l'aide d'onglet, de bloquer les pop-up et autre spyware. A essayer.

... read this very interesting article on which deals with Firefox's acceptance in the coporate world. This reminds me my dad saying their IT staff tried to switch from eudora to Thunderbird and they could not find in a timely manner how-to do a simple thing - regarding the user who was using Eudora since 1994. The spread Thunderbird effort needs to focus on these kind of issues.

Bugzilla links


Today I went all my blog entries containing links to bugzilla and updated the protocol from plain http to secure https. I did this because I think this might help the bugzilla server, each time the server receives a http request it has to rewrite it to https, this consumes some cpu time and consume also a socket. If everybody take sthe time to do the same thing we can reduce the load on the bugzilla server.



I've been quite busy this week on Camino work, and this feels great. I whish it could always be the same. I've posted the patch permiting Camino to have midas, and then I did around 5 code reviews. All the others seems to have been busier than myself. Josh also did a great job and commited quite some stuff. If you happen to have time this week-end, we need people to test the 0.8.2 preview for which we might have found a problem already.

Progress Report


Not much has been done on the Caminol10n front these last weeks. But since 0.8.2 is around the corner, we now have some work. Not much should have changed since 0.8.1, in terms of localization, but more languages should be added with this release. If all goes well Camino should be available in up to 15 languages.

Mozilla Europe button


Pascal Chevrel created a button to link to mozilla europe. feel free to use it. Thanks for making it completly transparent Pascal.

End-users ...


This week-end at was at my fathers. He has a G3 333 Imac with 160 Mb running os X. I used it and to my suprise camino is useable but is slow when scrolling pages.
My dad gave me some feedback about it : he says having to click twice to open downloaded files sucked and that he expected to be able to double click on them. (This is bug ). He also told me that having a contextual menu on the files would be nice (show info, loacte the file etc ....)

Midas coming to Camino ?


Ok I think I've added all the needed parts to have Midas in Camino. Before attaching the patch to the bug I would like people to test my build, it's available here. reply here or in the bug if you find things not working.

Fête de Firefox


Un fête pour la sortie de Firefox est organisée sur Paris. On s'incrit . Je ne penses pas que je vais y assister - car ça devarit tomber durant mes vacances.

According to bug 231062, Firefox 1.0 will ship with a msi package. This is really great/good/neat news, because it means that compagnies will be able to spread Firefox on their desktops system very easily, with the tools they normaly use to install Microsoft security patches, and other software. Today .msi is the standard way to deploy massively applications on microsoft's desktop systems. This also means that the Mozilla Foundation will be able to announce that Firefox has been installed on thousands of systems at once, meaning that it's browser % share may take a few % just because big compagnies with thousands of desktops are switching to Firefox. I've been asking for such support for about year, this as always been declined, until today. Great decision, smart move.



Josh asks for help on the triage front, this is very good. Our last triaging effort goes back to july 2003. Since then a lot has happened, in particuly 0.8 has been released. If you want to help camino reach 0.9 faster, triaging bugs is really a good idea, because triaging take a lot of time.

What is triaging anyway ?
You take a unconfirmed bug , or an old bug an try to see if the bug is still valid, if you can reproduce the bug and can make a testcase, will greatly help the developer. a good introdcution to bugs can be found at

If you have any doubt about what to do, or lack some rights on bug triaging, either ask on #camino (IRC, or add me in cc of those bugs. If you need more bugzilla rights, ask either mike , either gerv.

I've been involved in Mozilla since M8 (August 1999), first on linux and windows my goal at that time was to have a better browser on my os of Choice BeOS. For a lot of reasons I left the beos scene but stayed on the mozilla side and even played with the first Macho-build that zach was building. Then Chimera/navigator came up, I was hooked, I could use mac os X to surf the web. When AOL stopped the mozilla effort I thought we'd loose Camino, so I started writing to the mailing list, banging mike on irc, so he would commit some stuff. I was not alone. Mike Came back and lead the project to 0.8. Since last year we've accomplished:
0.8 in 10 languages.
0.8.1 and we will do 0.8.2 shortly. That on the front side.

On the back side a lot more has happened, We now have a new comitter (Congrats Josh for your first commit), a documentation team - that will write/update the web site, a translation team that make Camino available in non english languages. We've gained a few developers, meaning new features, bug fixes will come faster to the nightlies meaning our releases will get momentum. At the moment I feel we just miss some marketing efforts, but these will really be needed once 0.9 get out of the door.
And we have a new team that will write our web content, will write our documentation and will at least for now maintaint the Camino entries on sites such as and

People willing to join our efforts are more then welcome. There are at the moment four place where you can easily get in touch with the Camino people:
1) Irc on in channel Camino, where a few developer hang out.
2) Camino mailing list, where people describe what they would like, what is not working and ask for help etc ....
3) Caminol10n project if your native language is not available please join us.
4) Camino-docs if you feel like writing Camino's online help.

Camino 0.8 was downloaded around 100000, and 0.8.1 50.000 from the stats of the's FTP server. I hope these numbers are a little thank you to Pinkerton and that 0.9 will be even bigger.

Thanks Mike for standing with the project.

Starting today I can't read weblogs hosted on They are denied by the proxy I'm being behind, for the keyword sex. I don't know whose the filter provider, but one of them just decided that Mozillazine was p0rn relared. Here's the error message the proxy gives me :

URL - IP :
Error Type Access Denied (content_filter_denied)
Help : Your request was denied because of its content categorization: "Sex"
Contact : For assistance, contact your network support team.


From the Glazblog



I don't know If I can dsiplay it, but I like ti very much so I do. Daniel, anonymous author if displaying this is not ok, leave a comment.

0.8.2 int


Should include all the 0.8.1 languages plus : Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish. If we have luck we'll add portuguese.
After sugery this week end:
I was able to review three patches
To work and triagge a couple of bugs.
I'm still trying to find more languages ta add to Camino, to make it the most localized application on the Mac Scene.
I got a bug checked-in thanks to biesi.

What's up


The Caminol10n project should be able to add some new languages soon. That's good news because this means Camino will be available in language not supported by Apple/Safari.
On the Camino development side, code is being commited by Pinkerton while Josh is organizing documentation, website and other administrative duties needed for the 1.0 release. I have not made much progress on the spell checker front but maybe this will be integrated into seamonkey and thus we might get it.

Thank you Gerv


for answering my questions on SSL and bugzilla. I was unaware of the cookie protection scheme - thanks for pointing it out. I do very well understand your point on making confidential security bugs. Making mozilla more secure by not letting everybody read security bugs is a good thing.

The compagny I work for is a bank. I understand why they restrict the use of SSL, the reason is quite simple : with SSL enabled only for certain sites, security is increased. Nowdays most compagnies close all ports except http and https, so people tunnel everything thru those two ports. Hence If I use a tunnel to export data from the bank they'll be able to know what is exported. With SSL enabled, they can't.
I think I'll live without bugzilla access.

I'm currently at work and I try to access I can't because my proxy only lets me access known secure sites (meaning a handfull support sites, banks and that's it). I don't know who got the idea of making bugzilla a secure site by forcing ssl connections to it. The problem des not come from my dns or anything else because I've got review request stating that the protocol be https.
Besised me being pissed-off and unable to reach bugzilla from work, what's the point of having all bugzilla being ssled, this will slow it down badly because the server will have to encrypt all coonectiosn to the site. IT will securise the login/password I agree but it should be kept an option for people like me behind firewall and proxies.

Josh, l'un des meneur du projet Camino, demande aux utilisateurs sachant parler anglais et ayant un peut de temps de venir donner un coup de main. En effet un nouveau site est prêt et est l'oeuvre de Jasper Hauser. Malheureusement cette nouvelle version du site (tout comme l'ancienne), manque de contenu, la Foire Aux Questions y est presque vide, par exemple. Il est vrai que Camino fonctionne bien et n'est pas trés dificile à utiliser, mais néamoins une documentation est amha nécessaire - et pour cela le projet à besoin de vous utilisateur finaux.

Je recommande aux personnes qui utilisent les systèmes d'exploitation windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP de prendre le temps de télécharger le navigateur FireFox pour les raisons suivantes:
1) Contrairement a internet explorer, ce navigateur est toujours déveloper et il s'améliore donc.
2) Il est plus sur qu'internet explorer, qui de base contient 30 trous de sécurité.
3) Il est tout aussi rapide, voir plus rapide qu'internet explorer.
4) Il est extensible à l'aide d'extensions
5) Il bloque les fenêtre de publicité indésirable.
6) Il permet de naviguer par onglet, et donc de lire une page web pendant qu'une autre page est en train de charger.
7) La fonction ctrl-T est vraiment super.
8) et bien plus encore ....

Alors cela vaut a mon avis le coup de passer un petit quart d'heure pour les personnes connectées via modem et moins de trois minutes pour les utilisateurs du haut débit, pour télécharger ce navigateur et l'essayer.

Pour information je l'utilise tous les jours sur mon lieu de travail et ce depuis plus d'un an. Je n'ai pas eut de problème avec jusqu'ici, d'ou ma recommandation.

Thunderbird 0.8


I've just upgraded to Thunderbird 0.8. To download it I pointed Camino to, so this way I help marketing the product without having to much to do. I copied the image onto my existing application and launched it. No problem at all (not like when I upgraded from 0.6 to 0.7). It seems to me that the application launch time is shorter that's a very good point. A very bad point is a mail client using 32 Mb of disk space and a download archive of 11 Mb, that is way to much for a mail/news client. The mac version still has an about item in the help menu which duplicates the same item in the Thunderbird menu - this needs to be fixed on mac os before a 1.0 release.


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Mike has uploaded our multilanguage package of Camino 0.8.1. I would like to publicly thanks all the people working on the project for their hard work. 0.8.1 misses spanish and chinese. Spanish because the person who made the 0.8 translation was unavailable - and our infrastructure is here just for that, today one person asked how to help fro spanish on the mailing list. Chinese is not included because we did not get a proofreader saying the work is ok. The chinese translation will be available shortly on for those interested.
I hope to have more languages, in the near future, Polish, Croatian and Korean are some of the languages that I'de like to add. The russian guy is working to release something. If you want to translate camino in your language please join our mailing list.

Marketing at last

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At last someone from the mozilla foundation notices, that the new website has broken Camino. Thanks Gerv for noticing, be aware that we have a website almost ready to hit As on the marketing issues, first I think Mozilla Foundation should work a bit more on os X support before deciding which of it's client it should support. I don't think the mac community makes a difference, they use either Safari or both (Camino and FF). Quickdraw is dying and mozilla's code base is based on quickdraw, there is a huge piece of work to rewrite that to use Quartz the new rendering engine of OS X. Also please note that Camino is not only about widget it's also about integration with the OS. Safari users are more likely to switch to Camino then FF (but on this issue I'm biased).

Josh writes "Anything else you want to know about our plans? Any suggestions? Put well-thought-out questions and comments in the comments for this post and I'll respond to the good ones as soon as I can."

I'l answer on the non english releases of Camino : We should release this week a MultiLingual version of 0.8.1. If 0.9 has a beta cycle (and I hope it does), we will work the same way we did with 0.8, will use the beta cycle in order to polish our translations, and we will try to release 0.9 multlangual the same day Camino ships.

Has Marcello points out in :, a this time we will not ship a 0.8.1 containing spanish because our main spanish localizer has run out of time and is unable to complete de translation. So we are looking for a spanish localizer for Camino. Please get in touch with us thru our mailing list.

This morning Pinkerton Landed 3 patches for Camino. Two where bug fixes related to importing bookmarks, one was commited to the branch meaning a potential 0.8.2 might see the day, with only bug fixes. On the other hand we are also working on making 0.9 happen. With tonights nigthly we will have some new code to take care of the Tabs.
If you like Camino and want to have a rock solid, better than ever 0.9, you can help ! Yes you can help simply by using the nightly that will be available tomorow on's FTP server. We will need people to triage bugs related to tabs, tab handling in bugzilla.

New website :-(


Just sucks because the Camino project page seems to just be a hacked version of the thunderbird one :-(. I know we have some pages ready to go live , in the new mozilla style, but it would have been nice to have our pages go live with the rest of's website.

Multilingual 0.8.1


Caminol10n will release the multilingual version of 0.8.1 in a week. We are delaying by a week so our localization team can work on the 0.8.1 released, we can't work on nigthlies like we did for 0.8 (but so little has changed). We are delaying by another week because we want to improve the quality of our translation, and give time for proofreading and ui tweaking.

We are moving slowy and 0.8.1 is approaching. We will deliver a better Japanese translation in our next release. I'm slowly writing the translation bug report howt-to. This week-end I went fishing for new languages to add to our currently shipping languages. I've used usenet to try to get Icelandic, Swedish, Norwegian, Tcheque, Greek, Croation, Polish, Korean. I need to get in touch with some Finish, more Portugeuse speakers. So far so good I got some answers from Croatia, Poland, Korea. I'm also trying to find Arabic mac users so we could ship Arab in our translations.

View source :-)


I'm also in favor of keeping this extremly usefull feature. The end users uses view source when the build personnal sites. Why would FireFox be the only browser not to have this feature ?
Please do not remove it !!!!

The 1.0 release seems to stress the Mozilla Foundation, they are removing usefull features, and adding unwanted ones (document.all partial support), in order to please and have the "end user" switch from IE. I already said that site not working with FireFox, might be recoded when 1.0 is released and when the FF stats grow up. It seems like staff has no clue about what "end users" need from a browser, what they use in a browser. Why not launch a Ask campain, with valuable feeback from such effort 1.0 would rule the world.

Nvu 0.41 Mac OS X


Daniel Glazman has released (in a correctly packaged file :-)) NVU O.41 for Mac OS X. NVU is a site editor whose goal is to become the FrontPage for Linux. It looks a lot like Mozilla/Netscape composer, because it's based on the same code. It has more features thought because you can directly edit your pages and don't need to fetch/push them to your isp's server.You can check the validity of your pages, nvu is CSS aware etc ... At this momment Nvu does not work on Mac os X 10.2.x, this problem has plagued Mozilla and Camino back in January, thanks Apple for making this happen :-(.
I have a couple of bugs I wanted to report and found the developer's site, but no bugzilla :-). I don't really forums so I did not post my glitches, but will do here instead :
1) Tool bar access is not complete, if the window is not large enough some icons from the tool bar are unavailable. Camino solves this by rearanging icons on two rows if the window is too small.
2) The About box is a sheet. It should have it's own window so It can be viewed when no windows are open.
3) About NVU is present also in the help menu, this is not necessary at all.
4) Command (Pomme) Q does not quit. It close the window first, you need to press it twice to quit the application.

So far so good I've only played with nvu for 10 minutes. I'de happily would do more QA on it if a bugzilla was up. Also I will use it to build my v2.0 of my icelandic site. Also Daniel, thank you for making a Mac OS X build of NVU. I will recommand it to my father who uses Netscape's composer.

Linky ...


Il s'agit d'une exellente extension pour Mozilla et FireFox. Elle permet un certain nombre de choses:
1) Compter le nombre de liens présent sur une page.
2) Compter le nombre d'image présente sur une page.
3) Ouvrir tous les liens dans des tabs.
4) idem avec les images.

Linky ajoute un élement de menu dans le menu contexetuel de la page. Mon regret et que l'on ne peut pas ouvrir plus de 99 liens/images d'un seul coup.
Une extension qui vaut le coup d'être installé et téléchargée.

The underlying API, that handle images in mozilla and thus FireFox and Camino might switch from quickdraw to the new graphics API introduced with Mac OS X: Quartz. To have such switch happen mozilla needs to be tested with the new code. More information can be retrieved in bug 245407. What you can do to help is download this special nightly that is quartz native and use it. If you encounter bugs, crahes etc ... File a bug at stating that you where using that special build, and add to your bug's cc list so he can track bugs.

Mozilla Europe


Axel Hecht explique dans son blog la fonction de mozilla-europe. J'ai déjà dit une partie des attentes que j'avais de l'association, dans les commentaires du blog d'Axel. En français dans le texte ça donne :
* Des communiqués de presse, dans les langues de nos pays.
* Un effort de distribution des produits mozilla sur les CéDéroms offert par la presse informatique.
* La présence de mozilla dans les CéDéroms des F.A.I..
* La Gestion de l'évangelisation des standards vers les entreprises européennes.
* L'oganisation d'un "mozilla developer day" en europe (à l'occasion du FOSDEM par exemple) avec invitation d'une partie du Staff de Mozilla Foundation.
* Une plus grande transparence, sur ce qui se passe derrière de manière semi-annuelle plustot qu'a chaque assemblée générale.
* Un relais marketing pour l'équipe marketing de la Mozilla Foundation.

Et vous qu'attendez-vous de mozilla europe ?

J'ai aussi quelques questions :
* Combien l'association compte-t-elle de membre ?
* Répartition linguistique/géographique de ces membres ?
* Qu'en est-il des contacts pris avec les entreprises ?

sinon le T-shirt est super cool, l'ambiance du FOSDEM c'était super mais depuis je trouve qu'il y a un manque de communication entre le bureau de l'association et le reste des membres.

In an effort to have more website working with FireFox 1.0, the mozilla foundation decided recently to add support for document.all. Up until recently I did not really realise what that meant. But this morning I read a very interesting post by Pascal Chevrel. Pascal is a member of the french evangelism team. He has been working for some years with webmaster that create poor content : content viewable only with IE. The evangelism guys have been mailing webmasters, compagnies for years saying " the best way to make viable web sites is to support open standards". Once in a while I encounter a web site not working either with Camino nor Mozilla, I usually file an evangelism bug - the webmaster is contacted and the evangelism team explain to him what standards are and why he should support them.
With FireFox 1.0 approching and The Mozilla Foundation reaching out to end users, they decided to add partial support for document.all which is not an open and documented standard, in order to get a few sites to work better in FireFox. The idea might seem fine in the end users persspective, but it means throwing away years of evangelism effort. If FireFox supports document.all, why can't it support another quirck feature from IE ? I think the Mozilla Foundation should have worked the other way around - There is actually a trend for end users to switch away from IE, so when FireFox 1.0 is released people will download it, will try it. If Mozilla Foundation wants FireFox 1.0 to be succesfull (and I believe it will), the release needs to be rock solid, and there should not be any 1.0.1 update the week after the release. Since users are willing to switch, website's stats will change from being 95% IE to say 75% IE and I think this shrink in IE market share will be fast. 25% of visitor not being able to view correctly the site is a big enough number, so that webmaster can get some money to make the site more standard compliant. I think that the coding effort done on supporting something like document.all should be spent on bug fixing. It would be better spent in a .msi installer for FireFox windows so enterprises could deploy the product very easely.
Now if you agree with me that support for document.all is a bad thing or should be think twice before making it in FireFox 1.0, you can help the evangelism team. They are currently visiting all those sites that use not to work and or trying to figure out how much in % the document.all support would make work. If that number is small they'll have an argument to remove document.all partial support. You can help they are thousand of site to visit and time is running short. If you want to give a hand please take the time to visit #evangelism on

Camino 0.8.1.


Mike says "I'll try to have everything ready to go late this week or early next week for Camino 0.8.1."

Thats good and the string part of the release where commited yesterday. What are the plans for the Caminol10n project ?
Well we will release an updfated version of the international/multilanguage build of Camino, with the languages found in the 0.8 version. Some languages will be updated (chinese, Franch), some other might get updated if marcello or me get some news from our translators. I hope to hear from the Portugese guys so we could release Camino in portugese. We will welcome any new language that make it on time. (And I know it's very short). Take a look at our AppleGlot Howt-to, with these tools you'll speed up your translating time. Also If you want to join please take the time to subscribe to our mailing list

Question : what does the orange color mean on a tinderbox ?

Our Camino pawn tinderbox (the one that tells us if a commit slows down camino) is orange since July 19th. The logs says :
Running CaminoLayoutPerformanceTest test ...
Timeout = 600 seconds.
Begin: Mon Jul 19 17:26:45 2004
cmd = /builds/tinderbox/camino/Darwin_7.4.0_Depend/mozilla/camino/build/ -url http://spider/page-loader/
Process killed. Took 2 seconds to die.
End: Mon Jul 19 17:37:00 2004
----------- Output from CaminoLayoutPerformanceTest -------------
stdout and stderr unbuffered
/builds/tinderbox/camino/Darwin_7.4.0_Depend/mozilla/camino/build/ can't map file: /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/QuickTime Plugin.plugin ((os/kern) invalid argument)
/builds/tinderbox/camino/Darwin_7.4.0_Depend/mozilla/camino/build/ can't map file: /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Java Applet.plugin ((os/kern) invalid argument)
----------- End Output from CaminoLayoutPerformanceTest ---------
CaminoLayoutPerformanceTest: Camino successfully stayed up for 600 seconds.

Running CaminoLayoutPerformanceTest test ...
Timeout = 600 seconds.
Begin: Mon Jul 19 17:37:00 2004
cmd = /builds/tinderbox/camino/Darwin_7.4.0_Depend/mozilla/camino/build/ -url http://spider/page-loader/
Process killed. Took 2 seconds to die.
End: Mon Jul 19 17:47:15 2004
----------- Output from CaminoLayoutPerformanceTest -------------
stdout and stderr unbuffered
/builds/tinderbox/camino/Darwin_7.4.0_Depend/mozilla/camino/build/ can't map file: /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/QuickTime Plugin.plugin ((os/kern) invalid argument)
/builds/tinderbox/camino/Darwin_7.4.0_Depend/mozilla/camino/build/ can't map file: /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Java Applet.plugin ((os/kern) invalid argument)
----------- End Output from CaminoLayoutPerformanceTest ---------
CaminoLayoutPerformanceTest: Camino successfully stayed up for 600 seconds.

what does TP:[CRASH] mean ?

Since we often have red/orange tree in Camino, I was wonderinf if the sherif's duties shoul not come back, this does not need to be done by staff members. The community does Q&A, I think sherifing the trees is is QA and should/could be done by some community members.

Mozilla Europe


In an article poste on his blog and on mozilla zine Blake Ross wants volunteers to team up in order to have FireFox distributed thu CDs on computer magazines.I think the main target is the US, but he states that he would be interested in non english speakers, in order to distribute FireFox abroad. I think this is one of the goals set by Mozilla Europe. I think Blake should contcat them ask what their plan for FireFox 1.0 marketing is. I'm sure there is a marketing plan for FireFox here in europe.

Caminol10n goes steady.
* We have a online introducction to AppleGlot : here
* We've sorted out where to repport bugs about translations, I need to explain it on the mailing list, and will post the information here as well.
* I've started scripting, so building the Camino Multi language will be less a pain in the *
* I will also script the needed stuff to create language packs so in one or two passes, will have the packs ready for install.
* We need to sort some others issue out, but we are advancing which is good.

The compagny i work for is a big compagny they have more than 2000 NT servers, and about 200 workstations, that's not counting the winx and XP machines. I have a workstation running Windows NT 4 sp6 and various security fixes.


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Un grand merci à Pascal Chevrel qui vient de me faire découvrir google pagerank, un extension bien sympa pour FireFox. La version actuelle est la v0.7.
Je ne sais pas encore si elle fonctionne bien mais en tout cas j'aime beaucoup le concept. Il me manque encore les smiley de la google IE à trouver. Ces petits smiley qui permettent d'indiquer à google si un site est bien ou si il ne vaut pas le déplacement.

Marketing Idea


I know we already have evangelism bugs, but having a mail written to the webmaster is, imho, not enough. The non working site's webmaster needs some facts, so he can get some budget.With that buget he/his team will be able to rewrite the site and adapt it to FF/Mozilla etc ... We have the power to give those webmasters facts and numbers so they can find the money needed to build better site visible from non IE browsers. To be realistic, we need to join forces with other browser maker (i.e.: Opera, Apple, KDE), so the stats of the site will not show that the effort is mozilla based.
So how do we give webmasters the numbers they need ?
By changing the default homepage. I suggest we select a page from one of the evangelism bug. And we could change our target website every couple of month. With all the buzz around security and recommendations to switch to non IE browsers, giving numbers would help.

Objectif 1.000


Les membres de la fondation mozilla, ont lancé la campagne marketing pour que les utilisateurs d'Internet Explorer qui ne connaissent pas Mozilla, ni la fondation essayent FireFox 0.9.2. Le but est de conquérir le marché américain des utilisateurs lambda, qui ont un système d'exploitation Microsoft. Beaucoup d'entre-eux utilisent le site pour découvrir les partagiciels et graticiels disponibles en téléchargement. L'idée simple mais que je trouve constructive, est de se payer la première page de, comme cela les utilisateurs non férus d'informatique découvrirons le logiciel. Pour attérir en première page de, il faut avoir soit beaucop de commentaires, soit beaucoup de téléchargements. Comme la pluspart des utilisateurs des produits mozilla passent directement par les serveurs ftp de, le chiffre de téléchargement n'est pas la bonne solution. Il reste donc le nombre de commentaires. Au momment où j'écris ces lignes , il y a 500 commentaires, l'objectif de l'équipe marketing est d'arriver à 1.000 commentaires. J'ai fait mon commentaire, et je passe le mot pour que vous fassiez de même, j'en profite aussi pour vous demander si cela n'est pas déjà fait de télécharger la version 0.9.2 depuis afin de faire monter le compteur des téléchargements.
Pour faire le commentaire, il faut malheureusement s'inscrire ce qui prend quelques secondes.
J'en profite que pour dire que dans la section des logiciels Macintosh, Camino est en première page, sans qu'il n'y ai eut d'effort marketing.

Mike says :

Determine (benchmark?) if Quartz GFX would yield credible performance for 10.2/10.3.

How can this, how should it be achieved. First of all I think it should be done on os 10.2.8. Once the comparison show numbers worth switching I should be tested on 10.3, so any regression gets caught before the "switch". I think this could be placed in any university teaching Computer science and having a courses entitled optimizing techniques, we need to find such institutional entity and contact them so their course would be a lot more real world oriented. I would conduct the comparison the following way :
1) I would sample the current release and find out what are the 10 most called QD functions.
2) I would start to optimize the functions calling those top 10 QD API
I'll resample the modified release once more for the top 10 calls. But this time I would concentrate not on the real top ten called but on the top ten that cost the most time wise.
3) Update our code to optimize those to ten time consumers call.
4) Port that code from QD to QD+Quartz in order to speed things up.
5) completely port to Quartz and compared the QD optimized, the QD+Quartz and the Quartz only.

Step 1,2,3 should be used in step 4 and 5. This can cleanly be applied to a teaching course because step 1, 4 and 5 could be accomplish by different groups in the same course. If we find the professor/university willing to set up such a course this could begin in Next september.

Grow our developer community; more people reviewing and submitting patches

First we need more users willing to help, being writing docs/ triaging. I believe computer programmers that do triage will start coding/reviewing on their own once they realize that more works needs to be done. To achieve that I propose we set up our own "bug day" but since we get less bug reports than the other Mozillian product, once a month should be good enough These events would be the time when our fearless leader (no not JLG) would assign task to people. we would do that one day on IRC, a week end day would be nice so people from around the globe could join and easily help.
Second we should post to mac coding oriented mailing-list saying wee seek new blood, and to forums. To centralize things we should give people willing to join and date and some instructions to connect to #camino and start organizing things on the channel.

So Camino 0.8 is finnaly out with upt to 10 languages in it. That's good - but I want more languages for 0.9 and want more work to be done so we can eassely add a language to our collection.
I've commited to the caminol10n cvs, the dictionaries used for Release 0.8. I've asked on the mailing list the missing dictionaries so they are in the CVS.
Our next milestone is an how-to on using Appleglot so people without knowledge can join the project. We will collectively work on an englissh version of the document and fixed a deadline for Half july. When we are satisfied with the document we will translate it in laanguages in which camino is available.

0.8 is out

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and available in Chinese (Traditional)
Chinese (Simplified)


A big thanks Goes to Mike for staying with us on the project.
Thanks to josh,jasper,stuart, dave, greg and simon for QA, patches and support.

Thanks to the people who did the localization. Watch out for 0.9 with even more localized strings.

Once again, our tree is red. Once again a deep change in Mozilla broke Camino; If you doubt your patch breaks something and want it to be tested against camino, join #camino and ask we will glagly test your patch against our browser and it's build system. We usually break on deCom, and these are easy to clean-up, but a zlib change is more difficult to revert and fix.

I've check in three AppleGlot dictionaries in the caminol10n project already. I have a fourth one ready. Some teams are working hard to make the Localization ready the same day, the english version gets released.
We still need to work on the project itself so it can become autonomous for the next releases of Camino. Since mike just announced FC1 of 0.8 this is good for us because this means, no more strings changes are few changes. I thinks we can release simultaneously english plus at least 7 other languages. I you want to help our translating efforts please join our mailing list.

Thunderbird 0.7 :(


is out so I wanted to upgrade. I closed my running version of the product. copied the newly downloaded Thunderbird in my /Application folder and started the product, my profile was lost and a new created profile was created. I removed that new profile but 0.7 did not work better, so I trashed it. And did not even bounce ! And nothing got written into the system log so I could understand what was going on. (I should Have trashed 0.6 before upgrading I know, but still this is unpleasant). Going back to 0.6 got my profile recognized and my mails back. Will try later another upgrade.


# Freeze on Wednesday, 6/16. Make a final candidate and test the heck out of it making last minute tweaks as necessary.
# Ship 0.8f on or around 6/23.

It's now official Camino 0.8 will be released before this summer. The localization plan is to release as much language as possible the same day. Once released we will need to triage bugs once again and nominate what should get into 0.9 and start working on those bugs.

I will try to blog regularly and, in english on the progress the project makes.
So far so good the mailing list works properly. I did not mass subscribe people interested in giving time to localize camino, instead I sent them an invite so they could join if they cared.
I now have access to the cvs server of I needed to upgrade via fink my cvs client or else I would be the victim of bug #6407. So people using os X, use fink to upgrade your cvs client.
We have a lot to do on this project like writing howtos, coordinating people translating in the same language, keep up with camino's development , in order to keep track of changes that might affect localization of the application. But me and my Italian friend want things to focus on the long term, so we will take our time to create the infrastructure needed for this project to live in the future.

If you want to voice your opinion on packaging, on documentation and even on marketing please do not hesistate and subscribe to our mailing-list, which at the momment is low traffic.



In order to simplify things for 0.9 and other future releases, of Camino we are stting up a specific project hosted on mozdev, called Caminol10n. With it's own mailing list. The idea is to use this mailing list has a central point,so people can meet discuss l10n issues in Camino and we can work together to bring more languages for . releases. We will also discuss and give help to people joining the effort thru the mailing list. If you are interested, please subscribe. The immediate goals of the projects are :

  • Document the use of AppleGlot.
  • Create Language packs.
  • Discuss what might be the best method to distributed localized resources.

The good point about the mailing list is that it is archived.

Google bar


I finally decided to not take my clients view on the subject and installed firefox on my NT workstation at work. Neither the 0.8 nor nightly installer worked , they thought I had too little rights and gave me a 145x somethin error. I did not bother opening and/or browsing for such bug ,because NT4 will stop being supported this year.Also I am domain admin, local admin, so the installer might have an issue with right detection. I still think that a msi installer/package is the solution, the mozilla foundation should adopt for windows.I just unziped the nigthlie zip archive, and that was it . The nigtlie when first launched cleanly took up all my settings from my IE 5.5 SP2. I had to relaunch firefox to have the proxy settings being taken into account. Then I decided to install some extensions.
My IE has the google bar so I decide to use the googlebar, but it lacks my prefered feature : site voting.

Talkback is Back


Camino 0.8 beta is released it can be downloaded from here. Please give it a try , we need people to crash test it.
Camino now includes talkback a feature that help the developers know what/where/when the application crahes. That way people who don't know about bugzilla etc .... can help the product being better, what they need to do is surf the internet, use the product so each time the prodyuct crahes it is reported to the Mozilla Foundation. The developers know where the crash happens and can correct the code.
I posted the arrival of the beat FC1 on Macnn. I've just posted to macslash the arrival of the beta. - Let see if Mac/ pick-ups the news.

Awstats 6.1


Ca y est j'ai upgradé en Awstats 6.1, les deux nouveauté qui m'intéresse sont le support pour les navigateurs Camino et FireFox, qui constitue sur ce site une bonne partie des navigateurs utilisés.


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I've launch the translation effort. I've given everyone a week to complete the effort, so when the beta comes out we will be able to offer localized download from a central point.
Some french unofficila version has leaked and is available at, this sucks because it means people believe 0.8 is already ready. Good news is a french version is already available.
I've posted on macnn that 0.8 alpha FC1 was ready for people to test so the latest build should get tested.



I've just got a phone Call from UPS. They'll pick up my powerbook tomorow morning. The drive died monday keeping away from Camino development because my other machine uses 10.2.x and we can't build on older OSes (thanks apple). I've lost a couple mails from people whising to localize Camino, but posted on mozillazine's forums and got those mails back. I've discovered a interesting Mozdev project :, and some interesting tools to translate Camino without the use of the developer tools. I need to check these out.
Macslash runs an article about recent Camino nightlies - I've wrote in the comment that we needed some people to test and use mozilla on os X once talck back will be back so we can discover and squash crashers.

I'm using awstats to view my blog's stats. Camino is not recognized so I decided to add such support for Camino in awstats. I've just mailed the main developer with the diff necessary to add Camino has a recognized browser.
The diff looks like this :
RCS file: /cvsroot/awstats/awstats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/lib/,v
retrieving revision 1.35
diff -u -r1.35
--- 20 Feb 2004 18:49:37 -0000 1.35
+++ 1 May 2004 09:43:43 -0000
@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@
@@ -144,6 +145,7 @@
@@ -269,6 +271,7 @@

I hope the Next release of awstats will reccognized my favorite browser. Btw I've not submited a new icon . Chimera icon will be enough, because no one uses Chimera anymore.

Update patch has been accepted for release 6.1 !!



Finnaly mike created a branch ! Beta should come up really soon now.
On my localizing duties I've mailed the previous spanish and chinese translators following stuart's input. I have yet to receive a reply. I've also posted to usenet and macnn.We'll see if people step up.
I played with XSLT and Camino. Thanks to Axel for his help XSLT now works on optimized/static builds, but not on debug one :-(

Approaching beta


Mike says : "We will branch this week" and will commit on both the trunk and the branch. This means it's time to get more testers onboard - We need to have people test our new baby (Camino 0.8 - the latest revision to run on 10.1, unfortunatly we need to Fix 10.1 for now).
The "rest" of the mozilla community is working with Asa and all to squash crashers on Windows and Linux (I believe only x86 platforms) with the help of Talckback. Unfortunatly There is no Talckback for Os X today, this means we can't get the same level of code quality on X. Having talckback on two OS is good because it will help debug non os relate issues - Having only x86 is BAD because endianess and other such issues won't be detected.
I'm still willing to coordinate the translation of Camino so we release in several language at once 0.8. I've got people for French and Dutch. Contcat me if you are interested in translating Camino to another language.
I need to fish new users and people whishing to do some qa both on mozilla trunk and Camino. To do so I need to attrack people not reading this blog. I will certainly post on usenet, and Where else should I post top get mac winnies to make mozilla/camino better by using nigthlies ?

Pour une fois je vais bloguer sur Camino/Mozilla en Français. Pour commencer la bonne nouvelle j'ai reussi à faire adopter mozilla FireFox à un de mes collègues , je n'ai fait que lui expliquer en quoi il avait intérêt a faire le changement. Pour des raisons de sécurités, en premier lieu puis ensuite pour l'exellente combinaison qu'est ctrl-T. Je lui ai aussi indiqquer et certaines extensions bien utiles comme la barre google, qui permet de "voter" pour les sites que l'on trouve intéressant. Cela permet à ces sites d'être trouvés de manière plus rapide par d'autre internautes car ils montent dans le "classement" que google opère sur le oueb.
Ensuite sur le front de Camino, comme Mike est ssurchargé de travail cela n'avance pas beaucoup :( Ensuite nous mike devrait couper une branche du tronc des sources mozilla afin de stabiliser le developement de la version 0.8 de Camino. L'un des prochains patchs à sortir sera une nouvelle maanière de gérer les curseurs dans camino, un patch de lordpixel. Ce patch est prêt et testé, en apparance il va permettre d'avoir des curseurs animés et le respect de certain curseurs CSS.Mais il change aussi le format des images qui forment ces curseurs, ce sera désormais un format bien plus ouvert (tiff) que le format de resource rsrc de MacOS Classic .Une béta devrait bientot être disponible. Pour ma part j'ai fait un test ou deux sous Mac OS 10.2.8 et connexion dial-up, afin de régler le problème suivant: Le nouveau Bookmark Manager teste de façcon régulière si les sites stocké dans les signets sont toujours accessible. Ors celaa ne fonctionne pas bien en mode modem où la ligne peut remonter d'elle même. Cette nouveauté ne sera donc pas présente dans la version 0.8.
Dans le mêm genre j'ai lancé un appel pour que la version 0.8 sorte en de multiple langues en même temps. Pour l'instant je ne gère que le français et le hollandais :-(
J'attend toujours un petit mail d'une personne qui parle yidish, sait lire les hiéropglyphes et qui n'a pas de Mac afin de lui crée quelques icones, qu'il utilise mon addresse .mac pour m'envoyer le tout.

Localizing Camino


As some of you may know Camino 0.8 is on track for a beta followed by a release. Since it's been a long time since 0.7, I'm willing to coordinate the localizing effort of Camino. I will help new comers, wishing to help, join the process. We will start localizing once Camino reaches 0.8 beta and will test localized camino betas before the release. Once 0.8 is ready we will release localized 0.8 versions. I think French and Dutch are already covered (but i need to check for dutch, jasper ?). If you want to join for another language, please drop me a note at :!softkid (<- this is a uucp based antispam adress, my user name is at the left of the ! sign). To be sure I get your mail please make the subject start with [Camino Loc]. A mac is needed as well as some developer tools which can be freely downloaded from apple's developer web side.

0.8 beta ?


That's the news of the day :"Our next immediate hurdle is releasing a beta for 0.8 so we can get some expanded testing before releasing 0.8 final. Our core of nightly testers is dilligent but the more people pounding on it, the better. As soon as Mozilla 1.7 goes final, we'll branch and see what's involved in our own beta.".
Having a beta test is the good approach in my opinion, this will bring more users to test the nightly, we need more basic qa to be done on those. If leaf could rapidly set up whats needed for Camino to be able to include talckback again in Camino, so we get some feedback from the users who don't use IMHO this will bring use some interesting feedback.
When 0.8 is out we need to start the localization effort for Camino. I should get in touch with peterv, because he's the one at mozilla Europe working coordinating mozilla translation, in order to ask him if he wants/can coordinate such effort. I'm thinking about it because I've been contacted by a member of geckozone, saying he almost finished the translation of localization.strings in french. I met that guy over at FOSDEM 2004 and he volunteered to translate. In order to really and completely translate Camino one needs to have the developers tools in order to tranlates the .nib files that we use in the project.
Yesterday I AIMed a friend of mine telling him about Camino. He wanted to know what will be new in 0.8 I answered : " New bookmark Manager, Download manager and speed improvment". He then asked me why no browser allowed a search in bookmark functionnality - I answered try Camino. He's been using Safari since Apple released it. He might be trying to use it. We need to get in touch with's marketing team to be sure the beta release is know to the world and the news get's posted to the mac news sites. That the beta gets know in version tracker. Work has started on updating Camino's project page.



Merci à Scott Macgregor. Cette présentation met mon nom en avant, je vais devenir célébre :-). Utilisation des flèches pour passer d'un slide à l'autre.

Daniel T'auras ton mail ce soir ....



My todo list :
* Some reviews, 3 at the momment
* work on a bookmark localisation issues
* I have some thing I need to check out for gerv
* I need to start finding people willing to localize Camino for 0.8

Thank's for the tip hub .

Unfortunatly I have other duties with a higher priority and I need to deeply work on those.

Coming Back


mpinkerton "Just wanted to post a quick note on Camino. Obviously, I haven't checked much in lately, mostly because I'm swamped in my day job. I've got a couple patches backed up that I need to land but nothing groundbreaking. I just don't have much spare time these days. Any help would be appreciated."

Well now that I have a new development machine I started to review patches again. I need to find more time to be able to participate more. Now we need to branch so we won't have red trees in the near furure and can concentrate on our bug list.Simon seems to be gone :-(.

I can now build with less time then before on my new laptop. I have enough RAM (768 Mo) and thus can launch the debugger and play with it.

There's a great interview on minimo featured on nmc. Intersting to see such project funded by a device manufacturer. Good comparison is made with opera and IE, but they don't compare with product developed speciffically for smartphones ... An interesting read anyway.

Since I saw what SVG was and how cool the technology was I've decided to compile Mozilla + svg on my mac os X setup. notes found here says You need X11, I already had that installed. Fink is needed too, you need fink in order to install the gtk+ packages that is needed by Mozilla+SVG.
Once gtk+ is installed you need to edit your .mozconfig (see build instructions on mozilla's web site, on what gets in .mozconfig) in order to add specifc optyions to build with svg. Those options are :

ac_add_options --enable-svg
ac_add_options --enable-svg-renderer-libart

Next you need to set the environement variable MOZ_INTERNAL_LIBART_LGPL to 1. Once done you can build like any other mozilla, with a make -f

Success Story


Today I started installing a new Compaq/HP 1u unit in order to be able to have our new anti-virus software working properly. To install such things it's better (or maybe you need) to use smartstart's CDs. What a suprise the new interface on the 6.40 version of the CD uses Mozilla with moderntheme. That's cool.

Coming back


People are coming back, Conrad Carlen and then Simon Fraser commited some patches to the tree recently, this really is great. Our bug counter for 0.8 is now below 30, which is great.
I can't build these days, because I'm not on 10.3.x. So I'm trying to play with Mozilla itself. I need more time. I will try to play with SVG by the end of the week.


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I've attended FOSDEM 2004, it was a Fantastic oportunity to meet other European Mozillan Hackers.
I did my crypto duty too and assisted the key signing party - funny thing to do.

Mozilla Europe !!!


Cool, une association Européènne pour soutenir le projet Mozilla. ça se passe . Je vais en devenir membre et comme un certains nombre de membres fondateurs de cette association se rendrons au FOSDEM 2004 je leur poserais quelques questions. J'espères que cette associations pourra payer de dévelopeurs à plein temps sur l'europe ....
Pour bien profiter du FOSDEM j'ai mis à jour métro sur mon palm, qui passe de la version 5.0.0 à la verssion 5.0.13. J'ai mis les plan de paris à jour et ceux de bruxelles.

Upgrade ...


I've upgraded to Thunderbird 0.5 which I use to read my Mozilla related address. Update went like a charm. I closed my open Thunderbird. Clicked on thedmg.gz, opened the disk image and moved thunderbird to my application folder. Launched it and hop started poping ... I have yet to notice a difference in the way I use the product.

I'm compiling camino with patch from bug #208717 applied. In order to be able to compile it on jaguar I had to learn how to use some of the environement variable to be able to check out a compilable version of Camino. Read to see what can be used. I have use MOZ_DATE with sucess.

Et hop on change de nom


Firebird 0.8, le brower web rapide, sécurisé et moderne ne sera pas. Suite à un problème de marque avec le nom. C'est donc Firefox 0.8 qui vient de sortir avec un certains nombres de bugs qui ont été fixés. Dans les nouveautés il y a un nouveau gestionnaire de téléchargement. Je ne donnerais pas mon avis car je ne le peut pas. Je n'utilise pas FireFox sous OS X, j'utilise Camino, dont la version 0.8 devrait sortir d'ici peut.


Au même moment Thunderbird est passé de la 0.4 à la 0.5. Je n'ai pas encore fait l'upgrade. Les nouveautés sont orientées Entreprise et université avec par exemple l'intégration avec LDAP.



I need to get my new machine !! To build Camino I now need Xcode 1.1. On the good news front Java has been updated on Panther (and that's a good news). Mike is at the Mozilla Foundation and is working great on camino and the development tools we need to follow Mozilla/Camino's development.
Speed comparison is alwaays published to push a product. Also Apple could not bench againt a nightly, normal users don't use nightlies. Once 0.8 comes out we sshould publish the same statss compared to Safari.



La réunion Européènne des developeurs libre et Open source, se tiendra a bruxelles les 21 et 22 févriers de ce mois. Le programme semble riche et divers et une salle de conférence dédié à mozilla est prévue. Le programme de la section Mozilla est le suivant. La dernière fois que j'ai asssisté à ce type de réunion c'était a Franckfort en 1997. Une réunion organisée par BeEurope autour de BeOS - je n'en garde que de trés bon souvenirs. Mais là je me tate pour y aller. En effet, je n'ai pas vraiment le temps de faire du dévelopement pour mozilla même si ma volonté sur le sujet est forte.J'ai contribué à peut-être un patch ou deux et c'est tout. En fait ça m'embête surtout d'y aller tout seul, parceque je trouve que Bruxelles c'est loin de Paris. Si cela vous intéresse j'ai posté une annonce similaire sur ubix. Lorsque je me serais décidé, je contacterais Pike.

0.8 ?


Mike just posted some interesting news about the avalability of Camino 0.8, and is actually very busy comminting patches. I have less spare time and thus can't write lengthy patches. The bug count given by mike is inacurate, last time I queried bugzilla the bug number was above 50.
What is being worked on : the move to Panther's development tools, it's near ready. I've been trying some build made on panther and they work on my Jaguar machine. The bookmarks never will be blank again. Since the move to panther is coming soon, I've started shoping for a new machine. I'll keep my dual to serve web pages. I'm looking for a laptop, buying the machine now, would give me bluethooth so I can sync My phone, QE, so I can have a speedier rendering, and all what comes with panther.

News from the front


So what happening these days on The Camino Front ?
Mike is on sabatical, and has you can see he is actively working on Camino.
The Firebird team thinks about using some Cocoa widgets in their version of the browser, this is bad and good at the same time. It's good on the technical side, meaning more people will work on cocoa and might find issues and solve them faster. On the Marketing side this might be a bad move because this will confuse people - We already have a small user base (which has shrink when Apple released Safari last year).
At least two person have been working on compiling mozilla with IBM's XLC compiler and it does not work, nor does the binaries get smaller has I expected (it seems they 're making bigger libs). Thats too bad, because I honestly think that 21 Meg (6 Meg D/L) for a browser is really too much. I whish some IBM marketing people will read this entry and think that it wopuld be very intersting to sell IBM's XLC suite based on numbers obtained on a big project using GCC. If IBM could put it's compiler team on making mozilla faster and compatible using it as a "liv" testcase this would make people in the apple world switch to the compiler.
I've opened a bug so we can set a version number for the os when reporting bugs to the mozilla foundation.Now triagging might get better when this issue is closed. Btw The project will need more testers when we reach 0.8 alphas and betas so If you want to get involved it's now !! You need to create an account in bugzilla and to subscribe to the Camino Mailing list.

The build system for Camino will be upgraded to XCode and 10.3, the mechanism works. I've successfully tested a build on my 10.2 machine. This means I need to upgarde or get a newer/faster machine in order to continue to help development of Camino. When the new system is ready, mike should sent a note to the Camino mailing list asking developers if they are ready to upgrade. I hate apple because they force people to upgrade :-( Now 0.8 will be the last version available for 10.1 users (how many still left, is a mystery), I would like that some time be spent on optimizing Camino's code using such tools as shark. So our product gets faster and smaller.

If some of the links above do not work it's because bugzilla is being upgraded.

And I've opened a bug so Mozilla might get optimized build with this compiler. The bug number is :#230963: . My Friend Rsf had compiled gzip and wget using IBM's compiler and gcc on AIX 5.1. We could not get any comparison numbers concerning speed. But size was dived by 2.
Some links :
IBM's Offering
ars thread on the subject

And a PDF with some intereting numbers link

I'm not asking for a total switch if the compiler really is better than gcc. But having official build done with gcc might make Mozilla faster and if this really works I'll want Camino to be compiled with it.

As of today people whishing to open bugs on Mac OS X have no way to specify a version number in the os version. OS X does not have version numbering because it was a "port" then it became the official os supported around 1à.1 when everybody was using 10.1, now people are using 10.1,10.2 and 10.3 and some APi have changed a lot between those release. I think having version number for bug repporting would be helpfull.
On a side note :
View-source does not refetch the page anymore, thanks to Ari and Simon B. Woodside.
New download manager is here. so triagging those download related bugs is necessary.

More memory, etc ...


Yesterday while I was trying to understand, why I could not tab from the url bar to anything else, but could shift tab, I decided to use gdb embedded in Project builder. Last time I've used a symbolic debugger was in the Think Pascal days ! Since that I've never had to use one. So happily I've set up one break point and launched Camino into the debugger. What did I do ? Took some time for the disk to stop spinning, and could not properly work in the debugger. This means 416 Mb memory is not enough. I need to buy more. I'd be tempted to add up to 512 Mb and started searching - found what I wanted for $100 and none of those shopping sites would ship to Europe. So I started looking around and found it for 130 Euro which is a lot more in my opinion.
This triggered again my need for a new computer. I wanted to get one in order to speed up my Camino compile times. I did not buy Panther, because the price could be used to buy a new computer with panther included. Now I hesitate to buy more ram because the money could be used to buy a new computer. Any advice ?

There's bunch of camino bugs waiting for review here. Our problem at the momment is that most bugs get reviews either by myself and/or Simon B. Woodside. Hence When I produce a ptch or when Simon does the bug never gets the second review it deserves, because no one is here to do the reviwing job :-(. Btw I've get a negative review on a patch for bug 199790, because it crashes the browser. I can't get it to crash. If someone could comment the bug and give me a path to crash, I'll be very happy.



Some good news, people who want to join's quality assurance ship, will be able to help join rsn now. According to Simon Paquet and Asa's blogs bug days are coming back. What do you need to know/do ta be able to help bug triagging ? not many things, you need to be familiar with IRC, and have some time, that's all !!! At first i thought simon idea's was stupid, because since the products are more mature now less bugs are discovered - hence less QA is needed. but many bug that do not get triagged quickly get sorta lost. Also bringing back bug days might bring new triagger, and new developers onboard.
I don't like the tindxerboxes builds, because this idea will consume bandwith, will make bugs open on version XXXX, closed with XXXX+1 (the diff between the two being a one line patch). I do understand that regression will be caught faster, but I still think that a build per day is enough. Even with a build per days some things are missed. More people doing test is what is really needed. I used to download builds every day, but even that is a lengthy process. I know I could you some scripts do achieve it, but I like to have control. Anyhow getting more people to test on a daily basis might come from the bug days.

Jaguar is back, .msi too


Mike has finally set up a Camino build machine that run's jaguar and this means that until bug #224161 is resolved, we will continue to use Jaguar to build Camino. The print crasher should be fixed by now , it was a left over of the move to the trunk of Chimera.
I've been working, on bringing the toolbar tabbing bug up to the trunk. The patch does apply now, but it does not work. Basically I can tab from the search field to the URLbar, but can't tab the otherway around. When you shitf-tab, it works both way, this really is strange.
At work I don't use Camino, but Firebird as my desktop is win32. Since Ben Goodger is commiting the code to Firebird's installer, I wrote him a letter, asking him to add an .msi file to the installer. Why is it important to have .msi support for the foundation's product ?

are back for Panther. The person doing the build is now setting up a jaguar machine in order to build nightly that do work on jaguar. Having two machines for the build is necessary because of this bug.

Un nouveau petit virus est parmis nous, il s'agit de Mimail.c. Que fait-il ? il pourrit votre boite au lettre et celles de vos copains. Ensuite il pique vos iidentifiants et vos mots de passe stockés dans Internet explorer. Une raison de plus d'essayer les produits proposés par

What's happening


As some of you may have noticed Camino Nigthlies don't tun on jaguar, that's because the machine doing the builds has been upgraded to panther. This results in the static build being linked against libraries only found on panther. This should be soon fixed when the project mves from PB to xcode which will let the build machine create compatible binaries. Th buidls are also broken on panther, this might be due to the libpng which conflicts with the one embed in Mozilla, this has been fixed on the trunk, so you just need to wait for the next nigthly to see if the problem is gone.



La nouvelle version de Mac OS X sort demain !! C'est censé être une bonne nouvelle, en effet plein de nouvelles fonctionnalités et surtout un gain de vitesse sur toutes les machines de la gamme supportées par cet OS - je devrais donc bénéficier d'une machine plus rapide juste en changeant le système d'exploitation. Si je voulais vraiment accélérer ma machine j'achèterais une carte graphique avec 32 MO de mémoire supporté par QE et là j'aurais un gain non négligeable de vitesse (du moins de mon point de vue d'utilisateur).
Malheureusement pour moi j'ai aussi envi d'acheter une nouvelle machine, un portable histoire de pouvoir trimballer OS X quand je me déplace - histoire de pouvoir coder par exemple.
Avec Panther les outils de développement pour OS X changent un peut, il y a Xcode un nouvel environnement de programmation qui remplace Project Builder, et qui permet, entre autre, de réduire les temps de compilation en pré-compilant les headers. Xcode qui permet grâce à zeroconf de distribuer la compilation sur les autres macintosh du réseau local. La calcul distribué étant l’avenir de l’informatique, je trouve cette dernière fonctionnalitée super, même si elle ne va pas me servir tout de suite.
Mike se demande donc s'il peut basculer Camino vers l'environnement de développement de Panther. J'ai fait deux objections à la chose :
 1) Le support 10.1, que nous maintenont pour la version 0.8.
 2) Le fait que je préfères changer de machine.

Et cela m'embête d'amputer mon budget machine de 150 Euro, pour upgrader le système d’exploitation que je toucherais de toute façon avec la nouvelle machine.

Pour ceux qui ne suivent pas l'actualité des browser sur la plateforme Mac, je voudrais leur signaler que le dévelopement de Camino, ex-chimera semble repartir du bon pied après une petite pause due à la disparition de netscape.
En gros la majorité des développeurs de Mozilla et de Camino - l'un va sans l'autre, mais l'autre ne va pas sans l'un - ont donc été mis dehors ou bien ont changé de fonction au sein d'AOL en juillet dernier. Ils se sont donc retrouvés avec un charge de travail ne leur permettant pas de continuer le developpement du meilleur browser disponible sur Mac OS X. Depuis mi-septmbre je me suis lancé dans une phase de développement qui a pour but de faire avancer Camino.
Cela commence à porter ces fruits puisque hier le gestionniare de bookmark qui vient d'être entièrement réécrit par David Haas a été ajouté au cvs de Camino. Ce nouveau gestionnaire de bookmark gère les urls présentes dans le carnet d'adresse, permet d'avoir un top 10 des urls les plus visitées, mais surtout il teste la validité des URLs présentes dans les signets.
Merci Encore a Simon Woodside pour le travail fourni pour l'intégration du patch.

The proof


Camino is alive.
Version 1.0 is not for the near future, but since the bookmark patch has landed this is a good step for the 0.8 release. We need people to start using the new nightlies to iron out some left overs bugs in the bookmark manager.

some news


Jasper is supose to show the world a Ps mockup of what the new download manager will look like, unfortunatly the link is broken :-( But I'm sure it will get fixed soon.
I myself have been working on the bookmark manager rewite patch and some others. I have one one-line patch to add for camino 0.8 nad I have at least one more patch I need/want to review. I've also marked a few bugs duplicates yestareday night from my gf's os9 machine. Now camino is doing good but they are still some issue mozilla on Macos X that need to be adress. With 10.3 out by the end of this month I wonder how long will support 10.1.

bonne chance


à Daniel Glazman et la société qu'il vient de créer, disruptive innovations. l'annonce officiel se trouve ici. Une société qui va donc utiliser la puissance du logiciel libre afin de produire une solution et un logiciel commercial.
Les technologie XML étant l'un des buzzword du momment, et vu la personallité du PDG, je penses que cette société va aller de l'avant.

While Ben is getting a brand new G5, yesterday Camino got busted. Simon B wooside found it before the tinderboxe, so we have a solution and had it before the tinderbox went red. I've open a bug to track down the bust. I'm a bit annoyed by the fact that does not have any tinderboxes set up for camino. It was one of the build system maintainer who had set up is personal box, in order to have a camino tinderbox up.
I'de like to whish goo luck to Mozilla Consulting, which was formed by a bunch of ex-Netscapers.
I myself have been busy reviewing the bookmark rewrite patch. I've finished reading it I now need to test it, and finally managed to apply it to my working local tree. Tonight I should have some time for testing so hopefully the patch could land really soon now.

Any chances ??


Ben just ordered a new Dual G5 , and he plans to use it to push Mac Firebird. This is good news because this will help Camino since both share some source, but It would have been even better if Mr. Goodger had announce he would help Camino.

The final plan


How about this plan:

- to nominate, put "haspatch" on status whiteboard
- when one reviewer has approved, use "hasreview1"
- when the 2nd reviewer comes it, add "hasreview2"

at this point, the last reviewer should mark the patch as needing
super-review using the patch manager (just like normal mozilla) and as
me for a superreview ( is my new bz address).

This will alert me to what needs landing/perusing. I'll notice
immediately since I'm not a sr so i don't get any other sr requests.

from an Email by Mikepinkerton.

I am


As mike says some people need to step in , and start reviewing available patches in order for mike to apply them to the cvs a lot faster and easier. I've been playing with camino recently as some of you might have noticed but I have to learn a lot more about Mozilla's source base. I also need to refresh my C++ (which should be fairly easy, I just need some time), Since I was able to code entirely in assembly, I should be confident on the Objective-C front. My only real problem will come from Mozilla's build process that is lengthy (more then 20 minutes on my Dual G4@450). I might need to add some memory to speed up compile time and I already have killed the dnetc client to save some cpu cycles.
Mike does not mention one thing in his entry, which in my opinion is important, how do people that intend to learn the mozilla codebase through Camino and that are eager to review some patches will communicate ?
I would says that IRC is a great way, and do propose to use and channel #camino. As for the QA part which in my opinion is still needed, people need to apply for Canedit rights, in order to have a clean Camino component bug database.
Also to make the process better reviewer should test on 10.1 and 10.2 because until 0.8 is not out 10.1 will be supported.

First patch


for some time now it was impossible to build camino due to the fact that the tinderboxes are offline and of a bustage. Jst changed and API and did not modify the camino files. lordpixel did a first incomplete patch, applied by pink. I finished it and brian ryner applied it. This is my first contribution to
You can now build Camino without the -w flag which still chokes.

It's been a long time ...


Since I've actually worked on some cooperative development project. I've never felt being a great programmer but I've some software on my record :
Sleep for Atari Falcon coed in ASM for both the 68k and DSP.
Some stuff for BeOS.
Many unpublished and unfinished work. These last week I've been trying to help the Camino project so, last week I decided It was time to produce some code for Os X. I've been willing to code for the OS since the DP4 days, unfortunately no docs/books was good enough for me to start. Now some good books are available and I've found some time to play with abiword a bit.

Firebird, Mozilla tralala


Hier j'ai converti un collègue d'utiliser Mozilla/Firebird.
Je passais non loin de son bureau histoire de rendre ma secure-ID que je n'utilise pas. Je rentre donc dans son bureau et je le vois en train d'utiliser Opera, j'en profite pour parler browser et il me dit que sa machine est problématique, et qu'IE a depuis quelques temps des problèmes. Je lui demande alors pourquoi il n'utilise pas Firebird. Sur ce il me répond quoi ? bref je lui donne l'URL de Firebird, je lui explique ctrl-T et je le laisse.
Quelques heures plus tard je l'appelle, pour savoir ce qu'il pense du soft, et il me répond l'essayer c'est l'adopter.
J'en profite au passage pour préciser que je n'ai nul besoin d'un google bar avec Firebird, en effet celui-ci est déjà configuré pour faire ce type de chose, sans que j'ai le besoin de télécharger un plug-in/add-on.

Camino news

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Once again Mike pinkerton did the right thing : he communicates with Camino's users base. Using mozillazine to say that 0.8 is not around the corner because his schedule is heavy is a good thing , but people who don't closely follow Camino's development won't be aware of the state of things. If I had an account on lets say, versiontracker I would post a link to mike's latest blog entry, in the Camino applications's feedback page.
What does this schedule means for the rest of us ? it means that either we can help by contributing patches are by triagging bugs and both are important and time consuming. Now there's a list of bugs that need to be squashed before 0.8, that list can be found here. You can see that some of the bugs already have patches that just needs to be applied to the tree, others needs to be qaed in order to find smaller test case and thus permit people with coding skills to write patches faster, because they better understand whats going on. Some bugs are already refined and "just" need people with time to write patches.
How can we help to make the 0.8 release faster ?
First:One good way would be to ask for cvs write access so someone with that access could already apply all pending patches that mike does not have time to apply. This would permit pre 0.8 nightlies to be qaed and thus determine if the patches do not create side effects.
Second: bug triagging is still needed on newly and unconfirmed bugs. But it's also needed on bugs that are confirmed but with no test case are way to reproduce every time , and that second option is imho very important.
Third: We must spread the word in order to attract peopple with time and coding skills so bugs get squeshed faster.
I for my part will try to be writting a "Why Camino" pages and will gladly take any input to write that page.

Style sheets


I've upgraded the style sheet for this site. I did so because I discovered a "bug" in the previous one I was using under IE 5.5, this style sheet works fine with Camino and IE. It's not that I'm a IE fan , but most of the world does use it, that a pitty because support of CSS2 is poor and I need to tweak my sites in order to have theme behave nicely in Microsoft's Browers ...

First Patch


I've created my first patch for Camino it's attached to bug #188669. This was an easy one. If I find more time, I will try to continue my "work" on Camino. A co-worker of mine bought a 12" powerbook, he has and Irix/AmigaOS background. So I introduced him, to Camino [ He was using Safari and did not know of Camino ], fink and abicocoa [the name of the module you need to check out in order to build the cocoa native abiword application ]. I also showed him the best news reader on Mac OS : MacSoup.

Triage update


I've triaged Brade's bug list. This was an easy one because the list was small.
I'm also very proud of the "noise" generated by Pink's weblogs on the status of Camino. I posted a link on MacNN and got two person to answer and more than 140 reads on the thread. I hope this will let us have more developers and more QA people.
I will propose on the Camino mailing list to forma special Camino Quality assurance team to leverage work on the developer and to make sur bugs are triagged correctly.



I totally agree with Mike Pinkerton's point of view on a point release of Camino. I was the original poster on the Camino Mailing list about a 0.7.5 release. I did the post because I'm tired to see threads on various forums about Camino/Chimera being dead ( such threads where seen on macnn, even in mozillazine). The idea was to market the browsser, to the end users it even seems that more work is done on the Firebird for Mac OS X port than on Camino. To the end user communication is important, and I think mike understand this. The point in 0.7.5 is to have a lot of people know that Camino is still being developed, this will bring people to read Camino's project page and thus see the RoadMap . This would also be a good idea to have another Call for help in order to have more developers and more bug triagger.
Bug Triagging is very important and it reallly takes some time. As I already bloged, It really is time consuming, that time could be used by developers to code and create patches. For instance I've read all bugs for the camino component that where assigned to For each bug I needed to understand the bug repport, I needed to try to reproduce and then I needed to add some comment to the bug. I ussually added something like works/doe not work with version XXXX which was a recent build. Now I don't have any specoial right in bugzilla, but doing this is enough to help developers. Mike would like sfraser's bug list to be triagged (the list contains 300+ bugs). I've started, but someone else did, so I will let him finish. I hope but am not sure , that the point releases will bring back interest and that bugs will be triaged faster.

Working on Mozilla


Yesterday and today I've been trying to help Mozilla and specially Camino [The browser I use from home because I'm a Mac winnie]. I've added comments to bugs owned by bryner concerning Camino. I've noticed that many bugs related to os 9.x are still open. Maybe someone could close all os before X bugs in a effort to clean the buzilla database. While working on bryner's list I found one or two duplicates and many bugs that could be closed since Camino moved to the trunk.
The server might be speedier since it's move to, But I don't see any difference from the speed I used to enjoy when was hosted at Netscape. Maybe the downtime for scheduled maintainances are shorter, but that never was really an isssue.
I joined sourceforge tody in an effort to join the projectorb, in an effort to translate the documents in French and to add Camino specifics.
I still need to work a bit on bug 200099, in order to gets things moving.

Mozilla Marketing


I finnaly managed to subscribe to the mozilla marketing mailing list. In fact I just needed to use a single identity mailbox and not my postmaster sending as qa-mozilla@ :( So I'm using a different mail adress for my mozilla related bugs and some mozdev ML and an official marketing List. Btw is the list archived ? Why is the list not available as a newsgroup ?
Anyway I gave the list mi first idea, which is not too complicated. I'm proposing to switch an entire country to Mozilla. The proposed country is Iceland, because it is developed and thus icelander have computers and Internet Access for some time now. Icelanders are picky on their llanguage and when they asked in 1998 if windows would have i'ts icelandic version Microsft said NO. Hence If Mozilla does provide a good browser in icelandic with goo documentation and support I think it shoul be fairly easy to switch Iceland and thus make breaking news and publicity for the project.

Hier j'ai migré ma machine du travail vers Firebird 0.6.1. J'utilisais jusque là, à la fois Mozilla/nightly et Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1. Niveau plug-ins j'avais Flash 6 et des brouettes, QuickTime, Java.
La migration a été dès plus facile j'ai exporté mes bookmarks vers un fichier html que je n'ai plus eut qu'a copier dans mon profil personnel de Firebird. Il n'est pas évident de trouver le répertoire contenant le profil de Firebird car celui-ci porte le nom de phoenix, c'est à dire le nom précédent qu'avais Firebird. Firebird a immédiatement reconnu Java et quicktime. Pour Flash j'ai suivit les instructions, qui n'indiquent malheureusement pas qu'il faut sauvargader le fichier .xpi pour le lancer ensuite depuis l'explorateur de windows.
Ce matin j'ai installé acrobat Reader 6 FR, afin d'avoir le support des pdf directement dans le navigateur.

Malheureusement j'utilise encore IE 6 afin de pouvoir accèder au webmail de mon entreprise quii fonctionne avec Note 6.0. Mon admin notes a testé la pré-version 6.5 et celle-ci fonctionne trés bien avec Mozilla.

Je regrette que David Hyatt travaille sur un port de Firebird pour Mac OS X, alors que Camino n'avance plus beaucoup c'est derniers temps.