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Lately I have been doing more sport in my daily life than ever before. This is a direct effect from my life style, as if you didn't know I work from home. Doing a daily period of sports, sports is good for my body and sometimes it also clears up my mind. It started by me deciding to go to the swimming pool on a weekly basis. And then I'm in Holland so I decided to bike and try to do it on a daily basis. As I don't really get any pleasure from the biking itself I started using an application on my phone to track down how much I was exercising - and I really have a things for stats (be it what kind of music I like etc ...).

Run Keeper

I started using runkeeper as some of my friends where using it. Runkeeper runs on either your iphone or android powered phone and records, your speed and your gps coordinates. So you are able afterwards to look your activity. On top of that when you break a record , they send you an email telling you that you've been the fastest this week or the furthest this month. Runkeeper is based on a fremium model - most of the services are free. But some aren't like :

  • Aggregated stats (how much calories did I burn this week).
  • Training lessons (ie lessons to achieve something with training.
I was very happy with it with the exception that sometimes it had issues finding the gps - which made using the app sometimes difficult. And entering swimming data was kind of a nightmare as I couldn't really use the phone in the water. And sharing to facebook was broken for me

Sports tracker

Was recommended by my cousin, so I decided to give it a try. They offer the same free services and I like them better for the following reasons:

  • Gps is detected automatically
  • The application as a smoother Users Interface
  • The website is more polished
  • I can share to facebook
  • It's available on iphone, android and Nokia phones
So I recently switched to using them. I don't know what their business model is as the site is not loaded with ads. I'm not sold premium features. The only thing they seem to be selling are hardware devices to track my heart beats. So I'm a little suspicious about how they are making money but for now it really works better for me. I haven't tried swimming with it yet so I can't really say if swimming is easier to tack with this application than with the runkeeper one.

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I was not able to test Run Keeper on my Nokia device but I can compare both websites.
-I like to be able to create a route, and use it as base of an activity (when I am walking back from the office), the distance is more precise than GPS in the city...
-I like to be able to import data directly from my Garmin Device (cardio watch gps)
-I like reports (on distance per week or month) even if most of them are only available when you are paying Premium profile
-I like Personal Records, even if most of them are only available with Premium profile
Sports Tracker:
-I prefer the lay out (as mentionned by Ludovic)
-When I take some photo during a workout, a camera icone is displayed on the location of the photo (more useful on walking/kayaking than running :-))
-Steps are tracked (using Nokia Device, I do not know for iPhone or Androids)
-Reports are basic, bellow diary

btw, I am also using Connect Garmin, that I could compare as well...
in conclusion: I did not finalized my choice :-)

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