3.3a1 approaching looking for some help from the community, testers wanted


Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I've organized any testing and asked for help, but here we go for our next major Thunderbird release.
In the course of the next two weeks we should build Thunderbird 3.3a1. I'm looking for volunteers to participate in our distributed testing effort.

The distributed testing effort is build in order for you to have a focus area of testing - so it doesn't take you too long to complete. By summing each and everyone pieces of work we end up with a complete coverage of our tests and a good idea of the quality of the build.

To participate just send me an email

  • Your operating system
  • If you have pop, imap, news accounts available
  • areas you don't want to test (if you've helped before)

When the build is ready I'll reply to you individually and you'll get

  • A link to a litmus test run
  • A link to download
  • And a list of test areas to test
  • A bug number to block bugs you find to

You'll just need to download and install the build I'll give you. go to the litmus test, read, test, and report.

I'm looking for someone who has proxies setup so I can assign him with proxy testing. Same goes for someone having a s/mime cert for some signing/encryption testing.


@carl , just run Help -> Migration assistant , you'll find what you want there.

I would suggest that you remove the Reply, Remove, Delete bar from the message/email window.

The area for me to actually read my email is down to half the screen size with all these "helpful" management toolbars, imposing themselves on me.

Put all those button in the quick filter tool bar and give me back my reading room

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