We need more user on the beta channel

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As some of you but not all of you might be aware, we have a few update
channels for the auto-update mechanism. Let me describes the one we have :

  • release , that's the most commonly used one - this one is the one for people not testing.

  • releasetest - the one we use just before release to make sure things work.

  • beta is the one that we use for people willing to test the releases a few days before they go out

  • betatest is to test the fact that the updates are going to work on the beta channel

  • nightlies is for nightly users :d

There is only one setting named app.update.channel that controls which
channel you are on. This pref cannot be set from the config editor. If
you wish to change it, you'll need to edit in the Thunderbird install
directory the defaults/pref/channel-prefs.js file.

If you are currently running the 3.1 series or the 3.0.x series, we
would appreciate having a few more folks on the beta channel and getting
very early feedback on issue before we push releases to a wider audience.

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Three weeks ago, I asked for more people to join the beta channel for Thunderbird updates. I explained how to do so - and then got plenty of complains about people having followed my instructions but not getting any Thunderbird... Read More


It' doesn't work if you change it in the config editor :). Default configuration, and it comes handy when I want to reply privately :)

Hi Ludovic,

Why can't we change app.update.channel in the config editor ?

PS: why asking email address in comments ?

Yes it works. We just don't have beta all the time. You'll probably get something next week as we'll start building 3.1.5 Monday or Tuesday , based on that they'll get released on beta a few days before they get officially released. That's what the beta channel is about.

Sorry but I have also just done the change on my Linux installation of Thunderbird (directly installed into the opt folder instead of using repositories). No update is suggested so I wonder if it really works...

We have beta's before each . release. if I'm asking now , it's to get more people on our 3.1.5 and after releases.

Joined the beta channel but there are no updates available for my 3.1.x T-bird release (that was otherwise set to "release"). Why the plea for beta users with no beta?

Ca y est, je l'ai!

P.S. If anyone is on a Mac, just remember that you will find the preference file when you select Thunderbird and right-click to "Show Package Contents".

Edit the preference file with TextEdit.

C'est juste un paramètre a changer (comme indiqué dans le billet). une fois que c'est fait on y reste.

Salut Ludovic,

Alors, comment s'adhérer au "beta channel" ?

Est-ce un processus automatique, en autant que j'aie une version 3.x de Thunderbird ?

Tu fais mention du paramètre pour régler le canal, mais à part de ca ...?


Oh, I got this from planet.mozilla :P Sorry.

Could you provide step by step instructions for getting onto the beta channel?

Tiago Sá : Hum I was talking about Thunderbird !!!

I was using the beta and the nightly channels for a while... But then the feature freeze didn't get delayed and all those awesome features were dropped, so I stopped using Minefield or Firefox Beta. There's just nothing new that I'm really excited about. Not in-content UI, not titlebar as normal toolbar, not identity button that replaces the start of the URL, not home tab... Bleh...

Delay Firefox 4 to 2011, and I'll start using the beta channel again. Otherwise I'll use the nightlies, and only when they branch to Firefox 4.1a1pre.

Merci! Wasn't aware of this at all.

Hi Ludovic,
For information, I have just translated your call in french on the geckozone forums: http://www.geckozone.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=86201

Hope you will have more feedback!

>So, is there a beta?
Not in that sense. We have very short beta periods when just before we release point releases - that we usually don't announce too loudly , but we do. I'm trying to have a bit more usage on just before releases - to make sure we can iron things out before "normal" users do.

Why do the users need to be on the beta channel? As soon as I hear about a Beta, I'll consider installing it. So, is there a beta?

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