I'll give a talk at Open Community Camp 2009

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Like last year and the year before I'll be attending the Open Community Camp that is organized near Leiden, The Netherlands.
This year however I will be speaking about what mozilla.org is and provides , it's missions etc .....
If you are involved with Thunderbird (Mvl, MacMel, ...), I'd love to have a beer face to face with you guys, I think the Camp is a great place to meet you. What do you think.

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This is great to hear! You may already know these sources, but Deb set up a library of materials for talks, and some of the talks I've given on the mozilla mission are there. Also, Tiffney has some additional notes that aren't yet posted I think. And if you have questions about describing mozilla's mission or want to test your ideas out, feel free to ping me.

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